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How to Surrender PAN Card Using Different Methods

How to Surrender PAN Card Using Different Methods

The PAN Card is one of the most significant identification proofs accepted throughout the country. For various reasons, one might be required to facilitate surrendering a PAN Card. If the cardholder possesses two PAN cards, they should surrender one to avoid any heavy penalties. The authorities have established many offline and online channels so that a cardholder can easily process their surrender PAN card request. 

How Can You Surrender Your PAN Card?

A PAN card holds a lot of significance as an identity proof and a reference point for the Income Tax Department to assess a citizen's tax liability. However, foreign nationals of Indian origin might have minimal use for it as they are not required to pay any taxes in India. There are many other reasons to initiate the surrender PAN Card process. One might be required to surrender their PAN due to the following reasons:

  • Death of the cardholder
  • The cardholder possesses two cards and is required to surrender the duplicate PAN card.
  • Surrender PAN Card of Partnership, Firm, and Company

This blog explains the various offline and online avenues a cardholder can pursue to facilitate the Surrender PAN Card procedure. 

Procedure to Surrender a Duplicate PAN Card

An applicant might find themselves with two PAN cards in case they have mistakenly applied for a PAN card multiple times, and the card has been issued for each application. Or there have been some administrative errors from the authorities. There can be various reasons, but it is important that the cardholder surrender the duplicate PAN card as it is illegal to possess two. There are various offline and online channels where the PAN card can be surrendered conveniently by the cardholder. 

Procedure to Surrender Duplicate PAN Card Online

The Income Tax Department has established an electronic Portal known as Aayaakar Sampark Kendra to cater to PAN-related grievances. The cardholder is required to implement the following steps to surrender their PAN card: 

Surrender PAN Card Online Through Income Tax Department


STEP 1: The cardholder must log into the income tax department's official portal. STEP 2: Select the nature of the complaint, which in this case would be “Surrender PAN card”.  

STEP 3: Fill in the required details and apply to initiate the surrender PAN Card procedure. 

Surrender PAN Card Online through Tin NSDL

STEP 1: Log into the official Portal of the NDSL website. 

STEP 2: Navigate toward the service section and select the PAN tab. 

STEP 3: Find the change/correction on the PAN option and click on apply. 

STEP 4: Select the application type featured on the Drop-down Menu, and select the option stating “Changes or Correction in existing PAN Data.” STEP 5: Select the ‘Individual’ tab featured on the drop-down menu on the ‘Category’ option. 

STEP 6: The applicant will be redirected to the Application page, where they must fill in the featured fields. After successfully mentioning the accurate details click on the ‘Submit’ button. A token number will be generated after a successful registration request. The applicant would receive the token on their registered e-mail ID. The cardholder should note down the token number for future reference. 

STEP 7: Select the “Continue with the PAN Application form” tab featured at the bottom of the page 

STEP 8: The applicant for the PAN surrender process would be redirected to the webpage where they are required to select Submit scanned images through the e-sign option. 

STEP 9: The applicant is required the PAN number they want to retain in the bottom left corner of the page. 

STEP 10: The applicant must fill in the form with their contact and personal details. 

STEP 11: The applicant would then be required to mention the PAN Card details of the additional PAN card they want to surrender. 

STEP 12: The applicant must select the accurate Proof of Identity, Date of Birth, and Residence Address. 

STEP 13: The applicant should upload scanned copies of their photographs, e-signatures, and other required documents. The applicant must then sign their acknowledgement receipt, which the authorised signatory shall authenticate to conclude the PAN card surrender request. STEP 14: After the applicant has successfully submitted their details, they will be showcased a preview of the application form. The applicant should refer and ensure that the application is error-free and consistent. 

STEP 15: The applicant is required to pay the fees for the Surrender PAN Card online procedure through various net banking, credit, and debit card avenues available online. 

STEP 16:After a successful payment, the applicant would be able to print the download and an acknowledgement receipt of the payment made. The receipt should also be saved for future reference. 

STEP 17: The applicant is required to share the printout of the Acknowledgment slip with the National Securities Depository Limited along with two passport-sized photographs attached.  STEP 18: The applicant must send it to the authorities and label the envelope “Application for PAN cancellation” with the acknowledgement number. 

STEP 19: The applicant should post the signed acknowledgement along with the payment option selected to the following address:

NSDL e-Gov at ‘Income Tax PAN Services Unit,

NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited,

5th Floor, Mantri Sterling,

Plot No. 341, Survey No. 997/8,

Model Colony, Near Deep Bungalow Chowk,

Pune – 411 016

Surrender Duplicate PAN Card Offline

The cardholder can also surrender PAN Card offline by following the below-mentioned steps: 

Step 1: The applicant who wants to initiate the surrender PAN card process must submit the PAN card correction/change form in the nearest NDSL office along with the required documents. 

STEP 2: The applicant is also required to author a letter to the Assessing officer with respect to the jurisdiction of Income tax filing. In the letter, the applicant must mention the request for cancellation and their personal PAN details such as name, date of birth (or date of incorporation), and information regarding the PAN card to surrender. 

STEP 3: The applicant can also submit form 49A for the change or correction of the PAN card to be submitted to the nearest NSDL or UTIISL office. 

Tips to Surrender Additional/Duplicate PAN Cards and Subsequent Consequences

Under Section 139A of the Income Tax Act, 1961, a citizen must hold no more than one PAN Card. The citizen holding multiple PAN cards must bear a penalty of Rs 10,000 under Section 272B. The cardholder can surrender the duplicate PAN card by visiting the Protean eGov Technologies official portal and completing the process by filing the PAN correction form along with documents and the payment made. The applicant will receive an acknowledgement receipt for the transaction performed. 

Surrender PAN Card due to the Death of PAN Holder

If the PAN card holder has met with an unfortunate demise, then the cardholder's kin is required to surrender their PAN card. The relatives must frame a letter to the Income tax officer of that particular jurisdiction. The letter's contents should entail the reason for the surrender of the PAN Card, which would be the death of the PAN Card holder in this case. They are also required to attach a copy of a death certificate of the cardholder, and PAN details such as the cardholder's name, PAN number, and date of birth should also be mentioned. The same procedure remains the same in the case of Indian citizens, NRIs, or any other foreign national. 

Surrender PAN Card Online of a Firm/Partnership/Company

The PAN card of a firm/ partner and companies can be surrendered in case the respective organisation has gone through a dissolution. They can initiate the process to surrender a PAN card that was issued in the name of the firm by implementing the following steps:

  • The applicant is required to visit the official portal of Protean eGov Technologies and fill in Form 49A. 
  • The applicant is required to select a category from the drop-down list and proceed to fill out their form online.
  • The user must then mention the PAN number to be surrendered at Item 11 of the form.
  • The applicant is required to take a printout of the acknowledgement slip and send the document to Protean eGo technologies at the address featured on the form.
  • The applicant will be notified of the request process for the PAN Card surrender. 

Surrender PAN card Offline of a Firm/Partnership/Company

The applicant can also avail of the offline method to surrender a PAN card by implementing the following steps: 

  • The applicant must write a letter to the Income Tax officer in their jurisdiction where the company/firm/partnership taxes were being filed. The applicant shall mention the dissolution of the company in the letter. Implicating it as the reason for the PAN card surrender.
  • The applicant is also required to attach a copy of a deed that authenticates the dissolution of the firm. The applicant should also acknowledge the return filing for the discontinuation period.
  • Collect the acknowledgment receipt from the tax office after submitting the letter and documents. 


The PAN Card surrender is an important procedure to implement in case a citizen has multiple PAN cards issued to their name. There are various offline and online avenues through which the applicant can conveniently surrender a PAN card. It is important to facilitate the PAN card surrender process as the government has mandated Aadhar PAN links for the citizens to enable important government-related transactions.

Surrender PAN Card : Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it mandatory to surrender a PAN card?

In case a citizen has more than one PAN card issued to their name, it is of utmost importance that the cardholder surrenders one. As it is illegal to hold more than one PAN card, the tax officer can levy a fine for the same.

How can I deactivate my PAN card number?

The cardholder can avail of various online and offline avenues to facilitate the PAN Card’s deactivation.

Can I delete my PAN card?

A citizen can delete their PAN card by writing a letter to the Income tax officer in the jurisdiction where their taxes are filed. They can also facilitate the surrender PAN card process through the NDSL portal.

Can I have two PAN cards?

No, it is illegal for a citizen to have two PAN cards issued to their name. The authorities can levy a fine for the same.

How Can I Surrender My Original PAN Card Online?

The citizen can surrender a PAN card online through the official portal of the NDSL.

Do we Need to Self-Attest Documents for Surrendering a PAN Card?

The citizen must produce self-attested documents and the PAN card application to facilitate the PAN card surrender.