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Business loans are the foremost option to cope with business hurdles and expansion. According to the researchers, there has been a significant increase in business loan applications due to their easy accessibility. By offering loans to clients with minimal hassles, Indusind bank plays an important role. Being one of the major business loan providers, Indusind provides various financial products at low-interest rates. Additionally, you get the Indusind Business Loan Calculator to make better managing decisions and repay loans over a long period with utmost ease. 

IndusInd Business Loan EMI Calculator is an advanced online tool designed to assist borrowers in calculating monthly repayments. You can accomplish all payment details by entering basic figures like principal, interest rate and amortisation period.

Benefits of Calculating Indusind Business Loan Online

When you count on an IndusInd business loan calculator for error-free EMI computations, you get several other benefits. The IndusInd business loan EMI calculator allows you to calculate payable EMIs within seconds. You get the opportunity to plan your finances to avoid skipped payments, take prepayment steps to repay the secure loan before the set time, and save on the interest component.

However, these were just a few of the benefits you avail of through a business loan EMI calculator.

Manage your Repayments and Other Expenses

Generally, borrowers are unfamiliar with the exact EMIs payable towards the secured business loan. Not being familiar with the monthly payment amount may lead to skipped EMIs and mismanagement of other expenses. Through the Indusind business loan calculator, you can now compute the EMIs in advance and can plan other expenses appropriately. It opens the door to better financial planning, ensuring you accomplish the set goals, which might be hampered because of the secured business loan.

Monthly Interest Calculation

The monthly EMI comprises two essential components, i.e. interest component and the principal component. A certain amount of the EMI goes towards the principal component and the rest towards the interest components. But what amount belongs to which component cannot be determined without an Indusind business loan calculator. This handy tool lets you understand the monthly interest amount you pay through business loan EMIs.

Yearly Interest Calculation

The Indusind business loan interest rate calculator presents the breakdown of the interest component payable towards the secured business loan. You get access to the exact interest amount you pay for the business loan every year. This can help you to plan prepayments. You get to know how much interest you pay yearly, giving you the right motivation to make partial prepayments to reduce the principal amount to a certain level.

Know the Remaining Principal Amount

One of the foremost benefits you unlock by using the IndusInd business loan calculator is accessing the remaining principal amount. The principal component keeps reducing every EMI towards the secured business loan. With a business loan calculator, you get the figures of the remaining principal amount. If you decide to carry out a loan foreclosure, you can get the exact amount you will have to repay in one go to close your ongoing IndusInd business loan.

Features of IndusInd Bank Business EMI Loans Calculator

The IndusInd business loan calculator aids the user in computing the monthly payments associated with the business loan.

Now you can calculate the interest rate, and monthly EMIs for specific repayment tenures in one go, all thanks to the financial calculators. Just enter a few values, and the calculator will take care of the rest. You don't need to be aware of what goes on the backend, as the accurate values will be shown on your screen. 

Here's the list of a few features that you get while using the IndusInd business loan calculator:

  1. Easy and quick computation
  2. Accurate results
  3. Amortisation schedule
  4. Monthly and yearly interest payment
  5. Remaining principal amount
  6. Quick comparison for different case scenarios
  7. Computation of values in seconds 
  8. A few inputs and detailed output

By entering the said information in the given fields, you can quickly compute the business loan EMI value. Additionally,

  1. The business loan calculator is accessible round the clock via laptops, phones, and tablets. The IndusInd business loan calculator provides the monthly payment amount and the comprehensive repayment schedule.
  2. You get immediate results at lightning-fast speeds through the Indusind business loan EMI calculator. The financial tools come in handy, and you don't need to be an expert on computer values through it.
  3. It eliminates the use of time-consuming and daunting manual computations.
  4. Offers the flexibility to compare values for different case scenarios and determine the best fit per your budgetary goals. 

Indusind Bank Business Loan EMI Calculator Formula and How it Works?

To help the broad customer base with choosing the right loan amount, Indusind Bank offers a business loan EMI calculator.  Before applying for a business loan, get an exact idea of how your repayments will look and plan your loan accordingly. The Indusind bank business loan calculator works on a simple mathematical formula to provide you with the desirable results. You just have to provide a few inputs, and the values will be computed in the backend based on the formula, and you will be presented with an estimated value on your screen.

The business loan EMI calculator works on the following formula:

EMI = P × r × (1 + r)n/((1 + r)n - 1)

In this mathematical equation,

EMI represents the payable equated monthly instalments towards the borrowed business loan.

  • P denotes the principal amount of the borrowed business loan.
  • r  is the business loan interest loan. 
  • n is the business loan repayment tenure.

Things to Consider while Calculating an IndusInd Business Loan?

When you decide to secure a business loan to start your business or expand the existing one, you must consider certain other things. You should not skip three vital aspects: the interest rate, business loan amount, and repayment tenure. When you keep the key focus on these three parameters, you secure the best possible deal for your business that perfectly matches your repayment capabilities. 

Here are the key factors that usually affect the Indusind bank business loan:  

Business Loan Interest Rate 

The rate at which the Indusind bank offers you the business loan is termed the business loan interest rate. This parameter determines what will be the exact amount you will have to pay in return for the borrowed amount. If you have a good credit score, you will get the loan at a lower interest rate, whereas if you have a bad credit score, you l be charged a higher interest rate. Thus, the lower the rate, the lesser the repayment amount. At the same time, the higher the rate, the more will be the repayment amount. 

Business Loan Amount

The most significant influence on the overall payable amount is created by the borrowed loan amount or the principal amount. If you have applied for a lower business loan value, more will be the chances for approval, and lesser will be the interest amount. On the other hand, the more the principal amount, the more will be the repayment amount. So, applying for the loan amount you require is always recommended, and you can repay it without overburdening yourself. 

Business Loan Repayment Tenure

The business loan repayment tenure plays a crucial role in determining the EMI and overall repayment amount. The repayment tenure and payable amount are directly associated with one another. The longer the tenure, the more will be the interest component, as you will be paying EMIs for more time. That is why it is recommended to count on a feasible repayment tenure so that you don’t end up paying more in terms of interest. 

Business Loan Amortisation Calculator

A business loan amortisation schedule provides the process of repaying the loan. It provides a tabular display of the monthly EMIs throughout the loan repayment tenure. It shows how the business loan's principal component and the interest element splits into monthly repayments. However, the principal component paid towards the repayment amount varies from the initial years to the final repayment years. The monthly EMI has more interest and fewer principal components during initial repayment years, and the scenario is reversed for the final years.

Let's understand this through a 15 lakh business loan amount calculation.

You borrowed INR 15,00,000 for five years with an interest rate of 9%.

Here’s what your annual repayment Amortisation schedule will look like:

Date Interest Component Principal Component Balance
September, 2022 Rs11,250 Rs19,888 Rs1,480,112
October, 2022 Rs11,101 Rs20,037 Rs1,460,076
November, 2022 Rs10,951 Rs20,187 Rs1,439,889
December, 2022 Rs10,799 Rs20,338 Rs1,419,550
2022 Rs44,101 Rs80,450 Rs1,419,550
January, 2023 Rs10,647 Rs20,491 Rs1,399,060
February, 2023 Rs10,493 Rs20,645 Rs1,378,415
Mar, 2023 Rs10,338 Rs20,799 Rs1,357,616
April, 2023 Rs10,182 Rs20,955 Rs1,336,660
May, 2023 Rs10,025 Rs21,113 Rs1,315,548
June, 2023 Rs9,867 Rs21,271 Rs1,294,277
July, 2023 Rs9,707 Rs21,430 Rs1,272,846
August, 2023 Rs9,546 Rs21,591 Rs1,251,255
September, 2023 Rs9,384 Rs21,753 Rs1,229,502
October, 2023 Rs9,221 Rs21,916 Rs1,207,586
November, 2023 Rs9,057 Rs22,081 Rs1,185,505
December, 2023 Rs8,891 Rs22,246 Rs1,163,259
2023 Rs117,359 Rs256,292 Rs1,163,259
January, 2024 Rs8,724 Rs22,413 Rs1,140,846
February, 2024 Rs8,556 Rs22,581 Rs1,118,264
Mar, 2024 Rs8,387 Rs22,751 Rs1,095,514
April, 2024 Rs8,216 Rs22,921 Rs1,072,593
May, 2024 Rs8,044 Rs23,093 Rs1,049,500
June, 2024 Rs7,871 Rs23,266 Rs1,026,233
July, 2024 Rs7,697 Rs23,441 Rs1,002,793
August, 2024 Rs7,521 Rs23,617 Rs979,176
September, 2024 Rs7,344 Rs23,794 Rs955,382
October, 2024 Rs7,165 Rs23,972 Rs931,410
November, 2024 Rs6,986 Rs24,152 Rs907,258
December, 2024 Rs6,804 Rs24,333 Rs882,925
2024 Rs93,317 Rs280,334 Rs882,925
January, 2025 Rs6,622 Rs24,516 Rs858,409
February, 2025 Rs6,438 Rs24,699 Rs833,710
Mar, 2025 Rs6,253 Rs24,885 Rs808,825
April, 2025 Rs6,066 Rs25,071 Rs783,754
May, 2025 Rs5,878 Rs25,259 Rs758,495
June, 2025 Rs5,689 Rs25,449 Rs733,046
July, 2025 Rs5,498 Rs25,640 Rs707,406
August, 2025 Rs5,306 Rs25,832 Rs681,574
September, 2025 Rs5,112 Rs26,026 Rs655,548
October, 2025 Rs4,917 Rs26,221 Rs629,327
November, 2025 Rs4,720 Rs26,418 Rs602,910
December, 2025 Rs4,522 Rs26,616 Rs576,294
2025 Rs67,019 Rs306,631 Rs576,294
January, 2026 Rs4,322 Rs26,815 Rs549,479
February, 2026 Rs4,121 Rs27,016 Rs522,462
Mar, 2026 Rs3,918 Rs27,219 Rs495,243
April, 2026 Rs3,714 Rs27,423 Rs467,820
May, 2026 Rs3,509 Rs27,629 Rs440,191
June, 2026 Rs3,301 Rs27,836 Rs412,355
July, 2026 Rs3,093 Rs28,045 Rs384,310
August, 2026 Rs2,882 Rs28,255 Rs356,055
September, 2026 Rs2,670 Rs28,467 Rs327,588
October, 2026 Rs2,457 Rs28,681 Rs298,907
November, 2026 Rs2,242 Rs28,896 Rs270,011
December, 2026 Rs2,025 Rs29,112 Rs240,899
2026 Rs38,255 Rs335,395 Rs240,899
January, 2027 Rs1,807 Rs29,331 Rs211,568
February, 2027 Rs1,587 Rs29,551 Rs182,017
Mar, 2027 Rs1,365 Rs29,772 Rs152,245
April, 2027 Rs1,142 Rs29,996 Rs122,249
May, 2027 Rs917 Rs30,221 Rs92,029
June, 2027 Rs690 Rs30,447 Rs61,581
July, 2027 Rs462 Rs30,676 Rs30,906
August, 2027 Rs232 Rs30,906 Rs0
2027 Rs8,201 Rs240,899 Rs0 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the interest rate of a business loan in IndusInd Bank?

IndusInd Bank offers business loans at interest rates ranging from 13% to 22%. However, the offered rate depends upon the borrower’s credibility, repayment history, business performance, and credit score.

Can I get a business loan of 10 lakhs?

You can easily get a business loan of 10 lakhs from IndusInd bank. The process is simple; you can apply through the official website or visit the nearest bank branch.

How is a business loan calculated?

You can easily calculate the business loan through the IndusInd business loan calculator. All you need to do is enter the interest rate, principal amount, and repayment tenure, and the rest of the details will be shown on your screen along with the amortisation schedule.

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