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Business organisations aspire to stimulate their growth and development. Without any second thought, we can say that resources are essential to fuel and amplify business operations. Capital resources are one of the core components that play a key role in transforming startups into major organisations. Businesses require capital resources for a diverse set of operations; consequently, a business loan is the main source to raise capital funds. Customers can take advantage of several tempting offers on business loans provided by YES Bank.

Additionally, using the YES Bank Business Loan Calculator, whose main purpose is to present the precise results of taking a loan, can be extremely beneficial for individuals inclined to secure a YES Bank business loan to bridge the financial gap. The calculator enables the borrower to assess the EMI structure, which further assists in deciding whether or not a business loan will be an optimal option for them.

Read more about the exclusive financial tool, i.e. YES Bank Business Loan EMI Calculator, and understand how to grab the maximum possible benefits from the advanced AI tool.

Features of Yes Bank Business EMI Loans Calculator

By computing values through YES Bank Business Loan Calculator, you unlock doors to several other features. Consider it as a self-help tool that assists you in myriad ways. Additionally, you get various benefits while employing this high-tech financial calculator. All these benefits are rooted in the exclusive features incorporated in the YES Bank Business Loan EMI Calculator. Refer to the following pointers to explore some of the finest features of this business loan calculator.

  • Features an easy-to-use user interface
  • Enables quick and hassle-free computation
  • The business loan-associated computations are done in real-time, saving lots of time.
  • The YES Bank business loan EMI calculator provides instant results based on the inputs provided in the calculator.
  • The calculator is an efficient tool for borrowers to anticipate expenses and repayments.
  • The quick and user-friendly interface enables users to perform comparative analysis for different terms, amounts and interest rates.
  • Enter three basic values and obtain estimated EMIs in a single click.
  • Obtain a breakdown of your repayment schedule through an amortization schedule.

Benefits of Calculating Yes Business Loan Online

The online YES Bank Business Loan Calculator provides the following benefits to its users: 

  • Users who attempt to calculate their EMIs manually may get confused by the lengthy calculations. There is a high possibility of them getting caught in erroneous calculations. Employing the YES Bank Business Loan EMI Calculator helps the user to compute desired values accurately. 
  • Utilising the YES Bank business loan calculator enables users to compare different interest rates, loan terms, and loan amounts. The users can also  instantly compare the rates of numerous banks from a single tool.  
  • The tool is available online and provides easy accessibility to its users. You are not required to bear any cost to use this free-for-use tool.  
  • YES Bank Business Loan EMI calculator helps users determine whether or not they can afford a loan plan.

YES Bank Business Loan EMI Calculator Formulae and How It Works?

YES Bank has developed a business loan EMI calculator to assist business owners in computing their monthly repayments on their loans. The calculator employs similar formulae used for manual calculations to derive EMIs on business loans. The formula accounts for the loan amount, interest rate, and repayment duration to determine the monthly payments. The calculator allows business owners to examine various values and choose the one which complements their financing needs. The calculator determines the equated monthly instalments using the following formulae:

P x R ( 1 + R ) ^ N / ( 1 + R ) ^ N ) - 1 )


  • P represents the principal business loan amount. 
  • R is the Rate of interest at which the loan is approved. 
  • N is the loan tenure, in which you will have to repay the borrowed amount.

Things to Consider while Calculating Yes Business Loan

When deciding whether to obtain a business loan to launch your venture or grow an already existing one, you must consider a few factors. The interest rate, the business loan amount, and the repayment tenure are the three major factors that you shouldn't ignore. The business must emphasise these three factors while evaluating its repayment capacity.

Here are the key factors that influence the YES bank business loan EMIs: 

Business Loan Interest Rate

The interest rate on a business loan is the cost that Yes Bank will levy from you against the sanctioned funds. This setting establishes the precise amount you will be required to repay the borrowed sum. A strong credit score will allow you to borrow money at a cheaper interest rate, whereas a bad credit score will result in a higher interest rate. If you successfully secure a business loan at a lower interest rate, your repayment amount would be reduced. On the other hand, your repayment amount will also increase in proportion to the interest rate.

Business Loan Amount

The borrowed business loan or the principal amount impacts the total amount due gravely. Usually, banks cater to the requests for small loan amounts at attractive interest rates contrary to the high loan amount, as the risk factor increases.

Therefore, apply only for the loan amount required so you don’t put undue stress on yourself.

Business Loan Repayment Tenure

The tenure in which you’re required to pay back the business loan significantly impacts the EMI and total repayment amount. The length of the payback period and the amount due go hand in hand. Since you will make EMI payments over a longer period, the interest component will increase as the term lengthens. Because of this, one must plan for a manageable repayment period to avoid paying more in interest.

Business Loan Amortisation Calculator

The business loan amortisation calculator helps you to access the amortisation schedule associated with the loan repayment. The schedule is a tabular representation of the repayment towards the borrowed amount throughout the loan tenure.

Here is an example of the YES Bank Business Loan EMI Calculator depicting the breakdown of monthly instalments. The business loan amount is INR 15,00,000 for 5 years at a 9% interest rate.

Date Interest Component Principal Component Remaining Balance
September 2022 Rs 11,250 Rs 19,888 Rs 1,480,112
October 2022 Rs 11,101 Rs 20,037 Rs 1,460,076
November 2022 Rs 10,951 Rs 20,187 Rs 1,439,889
December 2022 Rs 10,799 Rs 20,338 Rs 1,419,550
2022 Rs 44,101 Rs 80,450 Rs 1,419,550
January 2023 Rs 10,647 Rs 20,491 Rs 1,399,060
February 2023 Rs 10,493 Rs 20,645 Rs 1,378,415
March 2023 Rs 10,338 Rs 20,799 Rs 1,357,616
April 2023 Rs 10,182 Rs 20,955 Rs 1,336,660
May 2023 Rs 10,025 Rs 21,113 Rs 1,315,548
June 2023 Rs 9,867 Rs 21,271 Rs 1,294,277
July 2023 Rs 9,707 Rs 21,430 Rs 1,272,846
August 2023 Rs 9,546 Rs 21,591 Rs 1,251,255
September 2023 Rs 9,384 Rs 21,753 Rs 1,229,502
October 2023 Rs 9,221 Rs 21,916 Rs 1,207,586
November 2023 Rs 9,057 Rs 22,081 Rs 1,185,505
December 2023 Rs 8,891 Rs 22,246 Rs 1,163,259
2023 Rs 117,359 Rs 256,292 Rs 1,163,259
January 2024 Rs 8,724 Rs 22,413 Rs 1,140,846
February 2024 Rs 8,556 Rs 22,581 Rs 1,118,264
March 2024 Rs 8,387 Rs 22,751 Rs 1,095,514
April 2024 Rs 8,216 Rs 22,921 Rs 1,072,593
May 2024 Rs 8,044 Rs 23,093 Rs 1,049,500
June 2024 Rs 7,871 Rs 23,266 Rs 1,026,233
July 2024 Rs 7,697 Rs 23,441 Rs 1,002,793
August 2024 Rs 7,521 Rs 23,617 Rs 979,176
September 2024 Rs 7,344 Rs 23,794 Rs 955,382
October 2024 Rs 7,165 Rs 23,972 Rs 931,410
November 2024 Rs 6,986 Rs 24,152 Rs 907,258
December 2024 Rs 6,804 Rs 24,333 Rs 882,925
2024 Rs 93,317 Rs 280,334 Rs 882,925
January 2025 Rs 6,622 Rs 24,516 Rs 858,409
February 2025 Rs 6,438 Rs 24,699 Rs 833,710
March 2025 Rs 6,253 Rs 24,885 Rs 808,825
April 2025 Rs 6,066 Rs 25,071 Rs 783,754
May 2025 Rs 5,878 Rs 25,259 Rs 758,495
June 2025 Rs 5,689 Rs 25,449 Rs 733,046
July 2025 Rs 5,498 Rs 25,640 Rs 707,406
August 2025 Rs 5,306 Rs 25,832 Rs 681,574
September 2025 Rs 5,112 Rs 26,026 Rs 655,548
October 2025 Rs 4,917 Rs 26,221 Rs 629,327
November 2025 Rs 4,720 Rs 26,418 Rs 602,910
December 2025 Rs 4,522 Rs 26,616 Rs 576,294
2025 Rs 67,019 Rs 306,631 Rs 576,294
January 2026 Rs 4,322 Rs 26,815 Rs 549,479
February 2026 Rs 4,121 Rs 27,016 Rs 522,462
March 2026 Rs 3,918 Rs 27,219 Rs 495,243
April 2026 Rs 3,714 Rs 27,423 Rs 467,820
May 2026 Rs 3,509 Rs 27,629 Rs 440,191
June 2026 Rs 3,301 Rs 27,836 Rs 412,355
July 2026 Rs 3,093 Rs 28,045 Rs 384,310
August 2026 Rs 2,882 Rs 28,255 Rs 356,055
September 2026 Rs 2,670 Rs 28,467 Rs 327,588
October 2026 Rs 2,457 Rs 28,681 Rs 298,907
November 2026 Rs 2,242 Rs 28,896 Rs 270,011
December 2026 Rs 2,025 Rs 29,112 Rs 240,899
2026 Rs 38,255 Rs 335,395 Rs 240,899
January 2027 Rs1,807 Rs 29,331 Rs 211,568
February 2027 Rs1,587 Rs 29,551 Rs182,017
March 2027 Rs1,365 Rs 29,772 Rs152,245
April 2027 Rs1,142 Rs 29,996 Rs 122,249
May 2027 Rs 917 Rs 30,221 Rs 92,029
June 2027 Rs 690 Rs 30,447 Rs 61,581
July 2027 Rs 462 Rs 30,676 Rs 30,906
August 2027 Rs 232 Rs 30,906 Rs 0
2027 Rs 8,201 Rs 240,899 Rs 0 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Rate of Interest on business loans in Yes Bank?

Yes bank offers business loans at attractive interest rates ranging from 13.25% to 19.99%.

Can I get a business loan of 10 lakhs from Yes bank?

You can easily secure a business loan worth INR 10 lakhs to cope with day-to-day business activities. However you must prove yourself as a credible borrower, from a lenders’ perspective. A good business turnover, on-time repayment history, good credit score, and appropriate documents will make everything fall on the track.

What are the EMI formulae for a business loan from Yes bank?

The YES bank business loan EMI calculation formula is P x R ( 1 + R ) ^ N / ( 1 + R ) ^ N ) – 1 ). Here, P is the principal, N is the repayment tenure, and R is the interest rate.

Will business loan EMI change in case of prepayment in Yes bank?

Yes, when you decide to make the part prepayment, the principal amount gets reduced. As a result, your overall monthly instalment drops significantly, based on the prepayment amount.

Why should I calculate Yes bank business loan EMI before taking a loan?

Calculating YES bank business loan EMI before applying for a loan helps you to determine whether you can afford the repayment or not. Additionally, you get the option to make an informed decision. Having important figures in hand helps you understand how much you will have to keep aside to repay the borrowed amount promptly.

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