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The YES Bank Loan Against Property EMI calculator is a self-help tool that allows the recipients of the loan to estimate their EMI amount for a Loan against Property. The YES Bank LAP calculator employs sophisticated technology to compute the monthly amount to provide the user with the EMI amount on loan. The calculator is easy to use and allows the user to compare multiple values to find the one that aligns with their budgetary goals.

YES Bank is one of India's most renowned brands in the banking industry. They offer various investment and financial products designed to cater to the requirements of the customer base in the country. The bank offers lucrative interest rates to the loan recipients in the Loan Against Property scheme due to the secured nature of the loan. The customer base can employ the funds raised from the loan for the following purposes:

  • Higher Education 
  • Wedding Expenses 
  • Medical Emergencies. 

Why Should You Use the YES Bank LAP EMI Calculator?

The YES Bank Loan Against Property EMI Calculator allows users to calculate the EMI payable against the loan. A YES Bank LAP EMI Calculator provides the following benefits to the users.

  • The user can accurately compute the EMI amount on YES Bank Loan Against Property. This tool is powered by sophisticated technology that facilitates real-time calculations.
  • YES Bank LAP EMI calculator users can mention multiple values on the fields featured on the calculator. This enables them to compare the varying EMI amount with respect to the various fields, interest rates and loan amounts. Users must mention the current interest rates to get an accurate estimate of the loan amount.
  • Users can also review the amortisation table using the YES Bank LAP EMI calculator. This table provides a detailed account of the repayment schedule and a breakdown of the EMIs between principal and interest.
  • The calculator allows users to review the outstanding balance of the loan amount during a specific period in the loan tenure. YES Bank LAP EMI Calculator helps the loan receipt to pre-plan their repayment process, In case they want to avail of facilities such as prepayments.

Estimating EMIs through a YES Bank Loan Against Property Calculator

Users can employ the YES Bank LAP EMI calculator to compute the EMIs at varying tenures and loan amounts.

The following table showcases the EMI amount of a loan against property concerning varying tenures. The interest rate on the LAP is 9% per annum.

Amount  Tenure 
10 Years 15 Years 20 Years
Rs 20 Lakhs Rs 25,335 Rs 20,285  Rs 17,995
Rs 25 Lakhs  Rs 31,669  Rs 25,357 Rs 22,493 
Rs 30 Lakhs  Rs 38,003 Rs 30,428  Rs 26,992 
Rs 40 Lakhs Rs 50,670  Rs 40,571  Rs 35,989 

Factors Affecting YES Bank Bank Property Loan EMI

The YES Bank Loan Against property is a secured loan that allows borrowers to raise funds against collateral pledged. The following factors impact the EMI amount on loans against property.

Loan Amount

The loan amount on the YES Bank LAP impacts the EMI amount. If a borrower borrows a large amount against the property, then the EMI payments would automatically be notable. However, if the amount borrowed is comparatively small, it would also be reflected in the EMIs.

Interest Rate 

The interest rates are the fee charged by the bank for providing funds to applicants. A high-interest rate would increase the cost of the loan. That is why one must meticulously research interest rates offered by various banks and institutions to avail of the best schemes. 

Loan Tenure 

The tenure of the loan also impacts the EMI amount. It is one of the few factors an applicant can use to their advantage. It is the only factor that is inversely proportional to the EMIs. A lengthy loan repayment tenure would reduce the EMI amount and make the repayment more manageable. 

Comparison of YES Bank Loan Against Property Interest Rate with Other Banks

The following table showcases interest rates offered by top financial institutions and banks in the country under the Loan against Property scheme.

Banks  Interest Rates (Per Annum)  
YES Bank  12% onwards 
SBI  9.00% - 11.90%  
India Bulls  9.25% onwards
Karur Vysya Bank  9.25% onwards
Indian Overseas Bank  9.65% onwards 
HSBC Bank  9.80% onwards 
ICICI Bank  9.75% - 10.90% 
Axis Bank  9.00% - 10.35% 
Kotak Mahindra Bank  9.50% - 11.70% 

YES Bank Loan Against Property Amortisation Calculator

The YES Bank Loan against Property provides a month-wise breakdown of the principal and interest. It gives a detailed account to the borrower regarding the composition of the interest and principal of an EMI. Borrowers can also review the outstanding balance at a particular period to plan the repayment. Let us take an example for a better understanding.

Suppose you’ve taken a loan against the property of Rs 10 Lakhs from YES Bank by pledging collateral. The interest rate is 9%, and the tenure determined to repay the loan is ten years. The following table showcases the amortisation schedule of the repayment of the loan.

Year  Interest  Principal  EMI  Outstanding Balance 
2023 Rs 7,057 Rs 5,610  Rs 12,668  Rs 9,35,366 
2024 Rs 6,531  Rs 6,137 Rs 12,668  Rs 8,64,669
2025 Rs 5,955 Rs 6,712 Rs 12,668 Rs 787,340
2026 Rs 5,326  Rs 7,342 Rs 12,668 Rs 7,02,575
2027 Rs 4,697 Rs 8,031 Rs 12,668 Rs 6,10,240 
2028 Rs 3,884  Rs 8,784  Rs 12,668 Rs 5,09,044
2029 Rs 3,060 Rs 9,680 Rs 12,668 Rs 3,98,355
2030 Rs 2,178 Rs 10,509 Rs 12,668 Rs 2,77,282
2031 Rs 1,178  Rs 11,495 Rs 12,668 Rs 1,44,853
2032 Rs 94 Rs 12,573  Rs 12,668 Rs 0 

YES Bank Bank Loan Against Property Fees and Charges

YES Bank levies the following fees to process Loan against Property application: 

Service  Fees 
Processing Fee  2% of the Loan Amount 
Login Fee Rs 10,000
Prepayment Fee Nil 
Part-Prepayment Fees
  • Nil (For individuals) 
  • Up to 25% of the loan amount in a Financial Year (Non-individuals or entities) 
  • 4% along with GST (In case the prepayment is more 25% of the loan amount)
Foreclosure Charges
  • Nil (For individuals) 
  • 4% plus GST of the principal Outstanding
Account Maintainance Charges 
  • Term Loan: Nil 
  • Lease Rental Discounting: Rs 10,000 (payable only once) 
  • Overdraft: Rs 5,000
Commitment Charges 
  • Term Loan and Lease Rental Discounting: Not Applicable
  • Rs 5,000 per Quarter for up to Rs 1 Crore
  • Rs 7,500 per Quarter for Rs 1 Crore to Rs 3 Crores 
  • Rs 10,000
Conversion/Switch Fees 0.5% of the principal outstanding 
Date Change Request (EMI Cycle) Rs 500 per request
Cancellation Charges (Loan) Rs 5,000 per request
Duplicate NOC  Rs 100 per request

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much loan can I get against my property from Yes Bank?

Individuals can avail of a loan of up to Rs 15 Crores from YES Bank under their Loan against Property scheme.

What is the interest rate of a loan against property in Yes bank?

The interest rate on a Loan against property commences from 12% per annum.

Is a YES Bank loan against my property available in my city?

YES Bank has a national footprint across the country to cater to the requirements of its customer base. The bank has also established online avenues to conclude the application process.

How is the interest rate on loan against property calculated in Yes bank?

The interest rate offered on the Loan against property is with respect to the applicant profile, and the value of the property pledged.

What is the tenure of the LPA loan in Yes bank?

The tenure of a YES Bank loan against property is up to 15 years.

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