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IDFC Loan against property calculator is an online AI tool that helps you assess monthly repayment amounts that you have to make. The IDFC bank loan against property EMI calculator calculates the EMI and makes a detailed rebate plan for the loan. The IDFC bank offers a rate of interest between 12%-13.50% per annum and a loan amount of up to INR 15 crores. You can easily plan to choose a loan borrowing journey against either of your industrial, residential or commercial properties.

This piece pertains to the IDFC LAP EMI Calculator, its benefits, the fees, amortisation schedule and the EMI comparison with other banks.

Why Should You Use the IDFC LAP EMI Calculator?

The IDFC LAP EMI Calculator makes it easy for you to calculate the EMIs and repayment schedule as per your figures, so you have a clear image before you borrow the amount. Below are the benefits mentioned that make using the IDFC LAP EMI Calculator convenient:-

  1. Easy Accessibility - You already have taken the first step of choosing to borrow the amount. The next is just to calculate the EMI amount. This calculator is there on the online platform to make your task effortless. The user interface is user-friendly, and even first-time users find themselves comfortable. 
  2. Contrast with other calculators - It gives you a wide array of choices to opt for the best offer that IDFC Bank offers. You also have the option to compare it with other Bank calculators and choose what suits you best.
  3. Calculation of EMI via different tenure - For your ease, the IDFC LAP EMI calculator allows you to work with different tenure and loan amount so that you can go with what suits your pocket.
  4. Reimbursement Schedule - The IDFC Bank Loan Against Property EMI calculator helps you in the calculation to divide the EMI amount into principal repayment and interest and calculate it for different periods in which the loan is sanctioned.

IDFC Bank Mortgage Loan EMI Calculator to Estimate Against Property EMI

The IDFC Bank Loan Against property EMI calculator provides an effortless way to calculate the EMI amounts for different tenures so that you can go for the option that is most likely to suit you. Below you’ll find the EMI amounts calculated at a 7.00% rate on a wide range of loan amounts:-

EMI Calculation for different Loan Amount at Different Tenure


Tenure (in years)

10 15 20
INR 15 lakh INR 17,416 INR 13,482 INR 11,629
INR 25 lakh INR 29,027 INR 22,471 INR 19,382
INR 40 lakh INR 46,443 INR 35,953 INR 31,012
INR 60 lakh INR 69,665 INR 53,930 INR 46,518

Factors Affecting IDFC Bank Property Loan EMI

By using IDFC LAP EMI calculator, you can calculate the EMI amount according to the amount of borrowing. Still, it is subject to factors like Tenure, interest and, most importantly, loan amount. All of these are mentioned below in detail:-

  • Loan Amount

If you’re looking to get a higher loan, then the EMI value will also go up on IDFC against the property EMI calculator. The IDFC Bank Loan Against Property EMI calculator gives you the loan amount ranging from INR 25 lakh to INR 5 crores.

  • Interest

A higher value of interest on the loan amount directly impacts the value added on the final EMI you have to repay. The current IDFC Bank Loan Against Property rates start at 7.00% per annum. So, before applying for a loan, just compare LAP rates and calculate EMI on the IDFC Bank Loan Against the Property EMI calculator.

  • Tenure

The relationship between the EMI amount and Tenure, is inversely proportional, meaning that if the tenure is 15 years, the EMI value is less, but if the tenure is five years, then the value of EMI increases.

Comparison of IDFC Bank Loan Against Property EMI with other Banks

We have compiled the data for loans against the property from IDFC with other banks to make it comfortable for you to make a comparison. The table mentions Bank Name, Loan amount, and interest.

 Bank Name Interest Loan Amount
INR 10 lakh INR 30 lakh INR 50 lakh
IDFC Bank 7.00% INR 8,988 INR 26,965 INR 44,941
HDFC 8.50% INR 9,847 INR 29,542 INR 49,237
Citi Bank 7.95% INR 9,528 INR 28,583 INR 47,638
Bajaj Home Finance 8.10% INR 8,427 INR 25,280 INR 42,134
IndusInd Bank 7.00% INR 8,988 INR 26,965 INR 44,941
South India Bank 7.50% INR 10,552 INR 31,657 INR 52,761
PNB 7.75% INR 12,001 INR 36,003 INR 60,005
HDFC Bank 8.00% INR 9,557 INR 28,670 INR 47,783
DBS Bank 8.15% INR 12,212 INR 36,636 INR 61,061
DBC Bank 8.25% INR 9,701 INR 29,104 INR 48,507

IDFC Bank Loan Against Property Amortisation Calculator

You might have a question about the principal repayment and interest amount you must pay at the end of your loan tenure. So, via the Amortisation Calculator by IDFC Bank, you can get detailed insight about each of them.

Now, let us make it even simple by giving an example:

Let us suppose that the loan amount you want to borrow is INR 30 lakhs from IDFC Bank for a tenure of 15 years at an interest rate of 7.00%. After the calculation, the EMI amount comes out to be INR 26,965, and the annual EMIs come out to be INR 3,23,578. The IDFC First LAP against property EMI for a tenure of 15 years is calculated and mentioned below in the table:-

Calculation of Amortisation Schedule for a tenure of 15 years against a 30 lakh loan amount is shown below.

Year Beginning Balance Interest Principal Ending Balance
2022 Rs. 3,000,000.00 Rs. 206,284.22 Rs. 117,293.98 Rs. 2,882,706.06
2023 Rs. 2,882,706.06 Rs. 197,805.05 Rs. 125,773.15 Rs. 2,756,932.94
2024 Rs. 2,756,932.94 Rs. 188,712.91 Rs. 134,865.29 Rs. 2,622,067.66
2025 Rs. 2,622,067.66 Rs. 178,963.48 Rs. 144,614.72 Rs. 2,477,452.96
2026 Rs. 2,477,452.96 Rs. 168,509.28 Rs. 155,068.92 Rs. 2,322,384.06
2027 Rs. 2,322,384.06 Rs. 157,299.32 Rs. 166,278.88 Rs. 2,156,105.21
2028 Rs. 2,156,105.21 Rs. 145,279.02 Rs. 178,299.18 Rs. 1,977,806.05
2029 Rs. 1,977,806.05 Rs. 132,389.76 Rs. 191,188.44 Rs. 1,786,617.63
2030 Rs. 1,786,617.63 Rs. 118,568.72 Rs. 205,009.48 Rs. 1,581,608.18
2031 Rs. 1,581,608.18 Rs. 103,748.56 Rs. 219,829.64 Rs. 1,361,778.58
2032 Rs. 1,361,778.58 Rs. 87,857.08 Rs. 235,721.12 Rs. 1,126,057.49
2033 Rs. 1,126,057.49 Rs. 70,816.80 Rs. 252,761.40 Rs. 873,296.10
2034 Rs. 873,296.10 Rs. 52,544.67 Rs. 271,033.53 Rs. 602,262.56
2035 Rs. 602,262.56 Rs. 32,951.63 Rs. 290,626.57 Rs. 311,635.99
2036 Rs. 311,635.99 Rs. 11,942.20 Rs. 311,636.00 Rs. 0.00

IDFC Bank Loan Against Property Fees and Charges

You can choose to apply for a loan amount against the property to raise working capital for a business or for any personal reasons. Given below are the charges mentioned for LAP in IDFC Bank:-

Details Charges for LAP
Initial money deposit charges Rs 6,500
Processing Fee Up to 3% of loan amount
Pre-payment Charges N/A
Loan Rescheduling Charges Rs 1,000
Foreclosure Charges N/A
Document retrieval charges Rs 500
Penal charges 2% of unpaid EMI or Rs. 300, whichever is more
Loan Cancellation and Rebooking Rs 10,000

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much loan can I get against my property from IDFC Bank?

The maximum loan amount that the IDFC Bank offers as a loan against the property is up to INR 15 crores.

What is the EMI for the 30 lakhs home loan amount in IDFC bank?

The EMI for the 30 lakhs home loan in IDFC Bank comes out to be INR 34,833 if the tenure is of 10 years at an applicable rate of 7.00%.

What is the interest rate of a loan against property in IDFC bank?

The interest rate of loans against property in IDFC Bank ranges between 7.00%-14.00%.

How is the interest rate on loans against property calculated in IDFC bank?

IDFC Bank has an online loan against property EMI calculator, and it gives the amount for principal repayment IDFC Bank has offered running all the time, so you can check it on their official website, which ranges from 7.00%-14.00%.

What is the tenure of the LPA loan in IDFC bank?

The tenure of the LPA loan in the IDFC Bank depends on the borrower’s choice. It depends on the borrower’s pocket, which allows him to repay the loan amount in the form of EMI. It can range from 5 years up to the IDFC Bank’s tenure in their policy.

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