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Capri Global Home Loans one of the key pillars of democratization of India's economic development is the availability of inclusive finance to millions of underserved Indians for owning a home. Today, to meet the 'Housing for All' goal, India needs 19.6 million affordable homes; 11 million of these homes are needed in urban areas while the rest are in villages. Economically weaker sections (EWS) and lower-income groups (LIG) that comprise the informal sector account for 96% of the total housing shortage in India. Without a home, they find that opportunities for upward social and economic mobility remain severely limited, especially in urban India.

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Interest Rate

Processing Fee

Loan Amount/Tenure

Capri Global Home Loan Interest Rate

7.99% - 16%

Up to 2%

₹5L - ₹50L

Tenure(Up to 25 Years)


Features and benefits of CAPRI GLOBAL Home Loan

As a home loan involves a huge amount and long tenure time, it is a certain liability. Here are some benefits that CAPRI GLOBAL bank offers on the home loan.

  • Benefit of tax
  • Balance transfer facility 
  • Low-interest rates 
  • Sense of accomplishment 
  • Capital appreciation 
  • Profit retention

CAPRI GLOBAL Home Loan Overview

Purchasing a home is, indeed, a big step. It becomes a source of anxiety and frustration at one point, while it gives you a sense of accomplishment in another. But it is not easy to buy a home by depending entirely on the savings, so people are usually inclined towards the home loan. Considering the huge amount and long term tenure, a home loan is certainly a liability. If you have little or no knowledge of what a home loan is and how to apply for it, the write-up below highlights all the important information that can help you buy your dream house.

Eligibility Criteria for CAPRI GLOBAL Home Loan

CAPRI GLOBAL Home Loan eligibility depends on various factors. These factors include the applicant's income, age, liabilities and assets. If the person is salaried or self-employed and is an Indian, then they are eligible to get a home loan. But the age to get going with the loan needs 21 years and above people while loan maturity requires 65 years for a person to be eligible for a CAPRI GLOBAL Home Loan.

CAPRI GLOBAL Home Loan Fees and Charges

Applicable charges Amount
Processing fee Up to 3% of the loan amount
Charges on bounced EMI INR 400
Copies of submitted documents INR 500 
Duplicate list of submitted documents INR 500
Duplicate NOC or No Due Certificate INR 500
MCLR to EBR type 0.5% of outstanding principal amount

CAPRI GLOBAL Home Loan interest rates

Even if you are able to buy a home using your own saving, you may still want to apply for the home loan as it can save on taxes. Take the interest rates, for example, CAPRI GLOBAL Home Loan provides loans that have both the fixed interest rate as well as fixed interest rates. If you apply for CAPRI GLOBAL Home Loan, it can help you to get lucrative interest rates starting at 7.65% p.a. On the other hand, you can get loans of up to Rs. sixty Lakh for a maximum period of twenty-six years.

The Fixed Interest Rates

Employment Type Product Home loan Rate
For salaried person Home loan 7.97%
Home loan balance transfer 7.97%
Home loan top-up Top-up rate is same as balance transfer ROI
For self-employed applicant Home loan 7.99%
Home loan balance transfer 7.99%
Home loan top-up Top-up rate is same as balance transfer ROI

Factors affecting CAPRI GLOBAL Home Loan interest rates

There are various types of factors that have a huge impact on CAPRI GLOBAL Home Loan interest rates. Recognising the points and acting on them carefully can help you to secure a more reasonable rate.

Here is a list of all the factors that affects the home loan interest offered by GAPRI GLOBAL.

  1. Loan Quantum: Smart selection of a loan amount is one way to get a suitable rate of interest on Home Loan. Generally, it is necessary to pay at the minimum 21% for the down payment from your property value. You need to know that a higher loan denote more risk to the bank who is lending the money and vice versa.
  2. CIBIL Score: Home loan eligibility and interest rate always depend on the applicant's credit score. The score depicts the creditworthiness and that computes the risk that CAPRI GLOBAL has to bear while approving the amount. Therefore, it is important to know the perfect CIBIL score and the way to improve it. Low credit score users are always levied with higher rates of interest. On the contrary, a higher credit score can put you in an advantageous position.
  3. Income Stability: Opting for a home loan is one of the vital financial binds. The tenure period can be extended up to two-hundred forty-two months, so you need to make sure that you can offer service until the fixed time. Your income stability becomes important at that point in time. CAPRI GLOBAL is more likely to charge a lower interest on home loan for a salaried person.
  4. Location of the property: the location of the property is the major factor in deciding upon the interest rates. A house or flat in a good locality with various amenities and easy access to transportation facilities is more likely to invite lower interest rates.

Documents Required for CAPRI GLOBAL Home Loan

There are a few steps to meet the CAPRI GLOBAL Home Loan requirements. And these requirements must include the documents. Documents are the most important part while you are going to take any loan. They are vital for the authentication of the beneficiary. Here is the list of the documents required for the CAPRI GLOBAL Home Loan.

  • KYC documents like Aadhar card/ Driving Licence/ Passport/ Voter ID/PAN card
  • Address proof: Electricity bill, Passport
  • Income poof: income tax returns/Salary Slips/ bank statements 
  • Property papers
  • Photograph of the applicant 
  • Cheque of the processing fee

And duly filled CAPRI GLOBAL Home Loan online application.

How EMI calculation works for CAPRI GLOBAL Home Loan

There are several online websites which has home loan calculator. These calculators will help you to learn about the amount of EMI you need to pay for the chosen home loan. It does not matter which type of loan you are applying for, just put the amount of your required loan, the tenure period, the processing charges and the rate of interest offered by CAPRI GLOBAL bank. Then you will see a detailed chart on the screen, and get to know, how much to keep aside every month for your home loan, thus you can manage the budget as well as the finances.

How balance transfer works for CAPRI GLOBAL Home Loan

CAPRI GLOBAL Capital Limited offers quick home loan bank transfers within minimal time. You can rely on CAPRI GLOBAL for balance transfer loans, and you will end up getting exciting offers. You will be happy to know. 

CAPRI GLOBAL provides flexible balance transfer and offers the top-up options for you if you are transferring the outstanding home loans with other financial institutions or banks to its customers. Using this facility, you can avail of top-up loans that amount to more than 100% of the outstanding balance transfer.

CAPRI GLOBAL Home Loan customer care number

If you have any queries regarding the home loan facility, you can always reach to the customer care executives. Here is the contact detail.

Contact Number of the media communication team : +91-22-4088 8100


From refinancing to reducing your interest, we have the answers right here.

How much time it will take to get the loan approved?

If the documentation is proper and satisfying, it will take 4-7 working days.

Which time is proper for the application of the loan?

First choose your property then apply for a loan although you can apply for it even after choosing the property. The amount of home loan will be allowed only on the basis of the budget.

Is there any necessity for a guarantor to present?

No. There is no need for a guarantor to present while dealing with the home loan papers.

When should I foreclose the loan?

Yes. After paying the foreclosure fee and prepayment fines, you can foreclose your loan.

Can I ask for a top-up loan there?

Yes. You can apply for a top-up loan but only after you get your existing loan approved.

How can I check my CAPRI GLOBAL Home Loan status?

Call at our customer care, or you can check it through the online process.

What is the minimal charge interest on the CAPRI GLOBAL Home Loan?

The bank only charges the reduced interest based on the home loan. This is one of the best ways of charging interest.

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