UGRO Capital

U GRO Capital limited is a BSE and NSE listed, technology focused, small business lending platform. The company is focused on addressing capital needs of small businesses operating in select eight sectors by providing customized loan solutions.

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Loans offered by UGRO Capital

UGRO Capital LoansInterest RateProcessing FeeLoan Amount/Tenure

UGRO Capital Business Loan

9% - 36%

Up to 4% of loan amount sanctioned

Up to ₹75L

Tenure(5 - 8 Years)

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Features and Benefits of U GRO Capital

UGRO Capital, earlier known as Chokhani Securities LTD, is a BSE and NSE-listed NBFC established in 1993. Mr Shachindra Nath, one of the top corporators and veterans, acquired the company on July 5, 2018, and was renamed U GRO Capital. U GRO Capital is one of the finest institutions which bridges the gap for the expansion of SMEs across eight high budding sectors like chemicals, education, electrical equipment, auto components, food processing & FMCG, hospitality, etc. UGRO Capital combines the analytical and technological purview of all eight sectors and builds a strong SME financing platform.

U GRO Capital is a non-deposit-taking NBFC whose primary focus is to provide loans targeting small to medium businesses in the prime or near-prime sectors. U GRO Capital captures a market which requires funding but has revenue from INR 2 crore to INR 200 crore.

For your convenience, given below are some features and benefits of U GRO Capital which makes it stand out from all the others:-

  1. U GRO Capital provides healthy credit growth.
  2. Financial approval takes place in less than 24 hours if all the documents are correct and thoroughly checked.
  3. U GRO Capital provides much more high Non-profit assets other than any institution in the market.
  4. Currently, the players are limited by their credit availability, distribution reach and lower assessment ability, whereas U GRO Capital touches all these constraints and provides easy access solutions. 
  5. U GRO Capital has a hybrid model encompassing traditional lenders and modern fin-tech companies.

Services Offered by U GRO Capital

If you are looking for a small business need, U GRO Capital covers it with a wide spectrum by providing Business Loans to the customers. The Business loan by U GRO Capital covers 8 major sectors across the country which includes Healthcare, FMCG, Chemicals, Education etc. All those sectors are covered below in a brief way:-

  • Healthcare

We see vast growth and urbanization in the healthcare sector across the country which includes huge infrastructure growth and medical equipment etc. So, to cover the demand of the healthcare sector and to keep in mind the top notch quality of the sector, U GRO Capital provides huge business loans deals to cover every aspect of the sub-sectors like Nursing homes, Eye Dental Clinics, Pathology Labs etc.

  • Education

India is a country which has a huge demographic dividend of population with ages between 5 to 24 years. Up top quality of education and technological advancements is a demand of today which has to be met for the overall development of the population. So, for that, U GRO Capital provides business loans for this sector with great deals running all the time to cover sub-sectors like K-12 Schools, Play schools etc..

  • Chemicals

From the past few years, we see tremendous growth in chemical and textile industries which need huge performance viability and are also consumer driven like FMCG, agriculture etc. U GRO Capital offers great offers in business loans for this sector and to make it reach a great height.

  • Auto Components

All the western sectors look to India in terms of the Automobile Sector as India is one of the major exporters of automobiles globally. So, to match demand with top notch technology, U GRO Capital provides best business loans offers to the customers to cover it by focussing on sub sectors like interiors, engine parts etc. in a wholesome manner.

  • Light Engineering

India, being one of the major exporters of light and heavy engineering products along with auto components covers a huge share all over the world which needs huge finances to meet the need of the hour. For that, U GRO Capital offers great deals in the business loan to cover all the aspects of the business proposal.

  • Electrical Equipments and Components

Electricity should reach every household is the mission of India. TO make this vision possible along with maintaining the current demand is a huge task which needs a financial boom in between as well. U GRO Capital provides a huge amount of offers in the business loan by covering sub-sectors like cables, fans and lighting etc.

  • Hospitality

With the growing economy and competitive environment, the hospitality sector needs the same boom time wise. U GRO Capital provides huge business loans which covers sub sectors like fine dining- standalone, quick style restaurants etc.

  • Food Processing and FMCG

Consumption of food is at a huge boom with the growth in the population. So, to meet daily needs of sub sectors lille Dairy products, Consumer Foods and Beverages etc., U GRO Capital provides the customers with the opportunity of good deals in business loans.

Note - For further details, you can make an inquiry on the official website of U GRO Capital and they have a quick responsive team which will entertain you in a whole manner.

U GRO Capital Corporate office Details with Contact numbers and Email ID

The table below pertains to U Gro Capital’s corporate office and their contact details.

Corporate Office Details U GRO Capital Limited, Equinox Business Park, Tower 3, 4th Floor, Off BKC, LBS Road, Kurla, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400070
Contact Number +91 22 41821600
Email ID


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What does Ugro Capital do?

U GRO Capital is an organisation listed on the BSE and NSE. It is a dedicated platform that addresses the capital needs of small to medium-sized companies and provides customised loan products to eight sectors of the Indian economy.

Is U GRO a capital NBFC?

U GRO Capital is an NBFC registered to the Reserve Bank of India as an MSME financing company.

Where is U GRO Capital's head office?

U GRO Capital’s head office is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

How many branches of U GRO Capital are there in India?

U GRO capital has a vast and extensive network of over 34 branches all over the country.

What is the interest rate of U GRO Capital?

U GRO capital usually charges interest rates ranging from 9% p.a. to 36% p.a., depending on the nature of the applicant and financial product.

What is the U GRO Capital Customer Care Number?

U GRO Capital’s customer care number is +91 22 48918686.

Who is the CEO of U GRO Capital?

Mr Shachindra Nath is the Managing Director and Executive Chairman of UGRO capital.

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