Black Credit Card – The Card of Wealth

May 16, 2023


A plethora of conventional credit cards are available to the general public, including gold cards, platinum cards, and even uncommon titanium cards available to individuals who qualify. Black credit cards put the other cards to shame by winning the race of exclusivity. These ultra-high-status cards, which are extended exclusively by invitation, frequently have an absence in the credit limit, in addition to a slew of additional amenities that cater to society’s most affluent members’ dining, travel, and entertainment preferences.

Enter the chic world of exclusiveness with this blog on the black card and understand what a black card is and the top five cards available.

What is a black card?

A black credit card is an ultra-exclusive credit card virtually entirely reserved for the ultra-rich. Typically, a black card is only available via invitation. The barrier to admittance into this elite tier of card ownership is quite high, as are the annual payments. Some black credit cards require you to spend tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands, of rupees on your card each year just to be considered.

Top Five Black Credit Cards

Having understood what is a black card, let us now focus on the top five best black credit cards. The black cards’ annual fee and unique features have been provided to the reader in the table below. It is advised to a potential card seeker to check with the respective banks for a better picture.

Credit Card Annual Fee (plus applicable taxes) Premium Highlight
HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card Rs. 10,000 ●     5 reward points on Rs. 150

●     10X reward points on partner brands

●     2X rewards on weekend dining

Axis Reserve Credit Card Rs. 50,000 ●     4 luxury airport drops and pickups every year

●     Unlimited domestic lounge access

●     Twice the rewards on international spends

HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card Metal Edition Rs. 12,500 ●     Unlimited lounge access worldwide

●     Free golf games

●     Very good rewards program

IndusInd Bank Legend Credit Card Nil ●     Excellent Rewards Program

●     Priority Pass membership

SBI Aurum Credit Card Rs. 10,000 ●     Unlimited international lounge access

●     4 domestic lounge access per quarter

●     1 domestic airport spa access per quarter

Difference Between A Black Credit Card and Other Credit Cards

Black credit cards differ from that of a typical credit card. The following points highlight the differences between the two types of cards.

  • Where other credit cards have a credit limit, some of the black credit cards have no credit limit.
  • In addition to their distinct colour, black credit cards stand out from conventional payment methods in a number of additional ways.
  • These opulent elite cards include several extra comforts and special rewards that are not normally offered by other types of credit cards.
  • Black credit cards have a high annual fee that can go up to tens of thousands of rupees whereas a typical credit card falls within the budget of hundreds of rupees.
  • Black cards require an excellent credit score (typically 800 or above) whereas an individual with a good credit score can get a credit score.

Benefits of a Black Credit Card

Some of the benefits provided by black cards are comparable to those of high-end, more widely available cards. These include chances to quickly accumulate points on international travel, dining, and shopping and additional benefits like exclusive access to airport lounges. Even those who are prepared to pay an annual fee to access the greatest foreign travel cards cannot obtain the high-end benefits that come with ultra-elite black credit cards.

The benefits of a black card include access to some of the most stunning hotel rooms in difficult-to-reach locations, upgrades, and special rental car permissions. Black credit cards provide additional dedicated concierge services, and some are even said to offer charter jet service.

Eligibility of a Black Card

Finding specific details about who is eligible for a black card is difficult. Some invitation-only credit cards are a benefit that comes with having your assets managed by a specific banking institution, while others demand that you have held a card with the issuer for a minimum period of time.

For instance, existing American Express cardholders interested in becoming Centurion members can submit a brief online form for consideration, but there are still no official requirements.

Regardless, you should anticipate requiring a high credit score (800 and higher) to be eligible for a black credit card.

How do I Apply for a Black Card?

Although it makes sense to want a coveted credit card, card issuers are frequently reticent about how to get a black credit card invitation. Unfortunately, receiving an invitation is the only way to obtain your black credit card. You cannot merely go online and apply for a black card because you desire one, except for the Mastercard Black Card from Luxury Card.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What credit score must I be approved for a black card?

You must have an excellent credit score to be approved for a black card.

Are black credit cards only for the wealthy?

Yes, black cards are designed for the ultra-rich section of society.

Can I get rewards with a black credit card?

Yes, you can get rewards with a black credit card.

How do I qualify for a black credit card?

Black cards are invite-only cards. However, some banks require you to be a prior cardholder and then upgrade to a black card.

How long does it take to receive a black credit card after approval?

After approval, it takes a certain amount of time to receive a black credit card.

Do I need a certain income level to be eligible for a black credit card?

Yes, you need a certain income level to be eligible for a black credit card. However, you must contact a bank representative t get a clearer idea.

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