How Much Gold Can You Carry with You from Dubai to India?

June 23, 2023


If you’ve ever found yourself dazzled by the gold souks of Dubai and contemplated bringing some of that glittering allure back home to India, then you’ve come to the right place.

A few years ago, the Indian Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs fixed a limit on how much gold one could import into India from Dubai.

The high quality and lower prices are the main reasons why foreigners buy gold when they visit Dubai. The Deira Gold Souk is one of Dubai’s busiest gold markets, where customers from all classes of life choose to shop.

However, during the past few years, the entry of gold into India from Dubai and other emirates has been impacted by the harsh customs taxes imposed by the Indian government.

Now let’s get to our suggestions and recommendations for how much gold you can swiftly carry from Dubai to India.

The Duty-Free Limit on Dubai to India Imports

Any Indian traveller with an acceptable Indian passport issued under the Passport Act of 1967, who has resided in a non-native country for at least one year, is permitted to import gold jewellery into India with their baggage, according to the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) website:

  • Customs duty is waived on gold jewellery with a combined weight of up to 20 grams of a retail value of Rs. 50,000 (max.) for male passengers.
  • Customs duty is waived on gold jewellery that weighs a total of up to 40 grams, with retail amounting to Rs. 100,000 (max.) for female passengers.

Children are also allowed to carry and import the gold jewellery eligible for the duty-free allowance on gold jewellery shipped from Dubai to India. As long as they have lived outside of India for a year or more, whether in Dubai or another country. Indian travellers should be aware that the duty-free exemption only applies to gold jewellery when carrying it from Dubai to India. Customs duty charges apply to gold that is in the form of bars or coins.

What are the Custom Duty Charges on Gold?

The following customs tax rates apply for transporting gold from Dubai to India:

Type of Goods Prices
Gold bars (apart from tola bars) with an etched serial number from the maker or refiner. 12.5% + 1.25% Welfare Surcharge 
Tola bars and decorations made of gold, excluding those embellished with pearls or other precious stones. 12.5% + 1.25% Welfare Surcharge 

Maximum Limit of Gold

The maximum amount that one person can carry or import from Dubai to India should be limited to 10 kg, as stated on the UAE Embassy’s website. It includes the complete amount of gold that a person is importing, which includes gold jewellery.

Coins and bars weighing more than 1 kilogram are subject to a 36.05% customs fee. It’s still highly unusual to see somebody remove more than 1 kg of gold, even though a greater amount may be allowed.

Important Things to Consider While Importing Gold from Dubai to India

When you are importing or carrying gold from Dubai to India, there are some important things to consider, as following the rules and regulations is extremely important. Some of the mandatory things to consider are as follows:

  • All excess gold is subject to a customs charge that must be paid in convertible foreign currency.
  • To prevent the seizure of items at Dubai Airport, passengers must present the required evidence of purchase and other documentation.
  • Failure to comply with the demanding conditions and declaration could result in imprisonment, legal action, or waiting until all paperwork and documentation are in order.
  • The gold bars must be inscribed with the relevant information. The details must include the manufacturer, serial number, and total weight.
  • The traveller must not have travelled with more gold than the maximum allowed from Dubai to India in the previous six months in order to meet one of the main requirements for importing gold over 1 KG.
  • The visitor is not eligible for any kind of exemption from paying customs tax on gold in India following his brief stay in the nation.
  • Imports of gold jewellery set with expensive jewels and pearls are prohibited in India.
  • The gold must be imported as unaccompanied baggage within fifteen days of a passenger’s arrival in India, or it must be brought as a piece of checked baggage.
  • The State Bank of India and Metals and Minerals Trading Corporation’s customs-bonded warehouse is where the traveller can purchase the maximum amount of gold.
  • Upon arrival in India, the passenger must present a thorough declaration on a specific form to the customs official.
  • Before being cleared, the traveller must declare their intention to purchase gold from the customs-bonded warehouse and pay the applicable customs charge.

How to Declare Gold While Travelling from Dubai to India?

The declaration of Gold is utmost necessary while importing it or carrying it personally. One should follow the below rules for a flawless import of gold from Dubai to India:

  • Upon arrival in India, the passenger must present a thorough declaration on a specific form to the customs official.
  • Before being cleared, the traveller must declare their intention to purchase gold from the customs-bonded warehouse and pay the applicable customs charge.


Knowing the most recent customs regulations is always crucial if it comes to the limit for gold imports from Dubai to India. One should be sure to review the Dubai Airport Banned Items List while returning to Dubai from their native country. Limitations have been put in place to deter gold smuggling in the nation.

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