Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority (HRERA)

April 24, 2023


The Indian government has established various authorities under the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act 2016. These authorities ensure that the objectives of the Act are implemented. One such authority is RERA Haryana which has sworn to drive the real estate market in Haryana. It is a one-stop shop for every real estate tool. HRERA has become an important asset as Haryana is one of India’s fastest evolving and urbanizing States.

Get your property-seeking goggles on with this blog on the Haryana RERA.

Overview of Haryana RERA

The Government of Haryana has established Haryana RERA, or the Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority (HRERA), under the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act 2016. The government has established RERAPanchkula and RERA Gurgaon to carry on with the smooth accomplishments of the tasks. The authority came into effect in 2017, and the portal was launched in 2018. RERA Haryana can be defined as the real estate authority set up in the State to regulate and promote the real estate market and ensure efficiency in real estate projects.

Fees and Charges of Haryana RERA

The Haryana RERA charges specific fees to carry on the required process. The fees charged are given in the table below.

Registration/Renewal Charges for Real Estate Agents

Type of Agent Registration Charge (in Rs.) Renewal Fees (in Rs.)
Individual 25,000 5000
Other than Individual 2,50,000 5,00,000

Rate of Registration for Builders/Promoters

Category Hyper/High Potential I & II Medium/Low Potential
Residential/Industrial Rs. 10 per square meter Rs. 5 per square meter
Other than Individual Rs. 20 per square meter Rs. 10 per square meter

Fees for Filing Complaints

Complaints Fees in Rs.
Filing Complaint before the Authority 1000
Filing the Appeal before the Appellate Tribunal 1000
For Every Annexure 10
Additional Affidavit 20

Registration Process for Agents and Developers

To register with Haryana RERA (HRERA) as an agent and developer, follow the steps below.

  • Carefully read By selecting Regulations from the HRERA, Panchkula home page, users can access the 2018 Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority (Registration of Agents) Regulations.
  • When you reach the HRERA Panchkula home page, click the “Agent Registration” and “Signup to register an agent” icons. All fields must be correctly filled up to create a login ID and password.
  • The candidate needs to log in after registering online.
  • immediately upon login. To begin filling out the form for online submission of the application for registration as an agent, click the icon labelled “Agent Registration.” It is suggested that you review each fact on Form REA-I one at a time to determine what information has to be filled out. It is advisable to gather all the information needed in advance and keep it on hand for filling out the various forms.
  • By selecting the tab “Basic Agent Details,” the filling out of the form can begin. Each field must be correctly completed. After filling out the form, click “Save and Continue.”
  • After selecting the save and proceed option, the system will automatically switch to the “Add Director/Partner” tab if the information provided is accurate. Select “Add Director/Partner” from the menu.
  • Each Director, Partner, etc., should have their photo uploaded from the database by using the “choose file” icon after filling out their personal information.
  • Calculate the required fee to be deposited in accordance with Rules 9(2) and 11(2) of the Rules after completing Form REA-I. There is an option for online registration payment. Before final submission, the applicant may edit the forms at any moment.
  • There is a “add more” option on several forms. By selecting the “add more” button, more columns can be added if any further information in similar forms has to be provided.
  • Upload the documents once you’ve completed the entire REA-I form. Click the “Add more” icon to add more documents to the upload.
  • Select each field individually, then add files. The documents must be in the appropriate format, such as PDF, JPG, PNG, etc. All documents marked with an asterisk (*) are required.
  • The applicant may preview the completed form by selecting the preview button after completing the entire form. Returning to the pertinent section of the form will allow you to make any necessary amendments. Before submitting the form, the applicant is free to make any changes.
  • The system will generate a Temporary agent ID (Temp ID) after the final submission of the online form, such as RERA-PKL-1-2020. It is best to save the Temp ID separately.
  • The applicant should print two copies of the completed form after submitting it, one for their office record and one to be given to the Authority in physical form. The documents should also be included in hard copy.
  • All required documents must be provided in hard copy form in accordance with the regulations, and all uploaded documents must also be provided in physical form in accordance with the regulations.
  • Page Number each document individually, and create a forwarding letter in accordance with the regulations.
  • submit the paper version of the online form along with one paper copy of each document. Simple screenshots of the internet papers won’t be acceptable.
  • The application submitted by the applicant for registration of an agent will become live, and the subsequent process will start after the physical copies are handed to the Authority’s office, at which point a receipt will be generated.t

Objectives of Haryana RERA

Haryana RERA has the following objectives. These objectives ascertain that the authorities work towards achieving a set goal and that each organ of the body functions properly.

  • To control the real estate sector for healthy expansion and development.
  • To increase transparency in the interactions between flat buyers and estate project promoters.
  • To ensure the real estate projects are finished within the allotted time frame
  • To resolve disagreements regarding the projects swiftly.
  • To uphold the law’s requirements and the authority’s directives

Guidelines for Project Registration and Completion

Haryana RERA dictates the project registration and completion guidelines. These are given below.

  • The project’s anticipated start date for construction.
  • The project’s anticipated completion date.
  • The construction milestones anticipated to be completed each quarter between the anticipated start date and the anticipated completion date of the project, separately for the infrastructure, apartments, and other amenities.
  • The project’s projected completion date cannot be postponed or changed because no statutory approvals have been received. The promoter will be responsible for securing the necessary approvals; buyers of apartments or plots won’t be held responsible for doing so because of a delay in project completion or an increase in building costs.

Powers and Role of Haryana RERA

The powers and role of Haryana RERA (HRERA) are given below.

  • To ask any allottee, promoter, or estate agent for data
  • to look over the promoter’s or agent’s financial records, books of business, and accounts.
  • to be endowed with all the institutions and authority of a civil court as defined by the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908;
  • To appoint temporary orders prohibiting Promoters, Allottees, and Agents from taking part in any unlawful activity;
  • to impose a fine on any Builder or Agent who disobeys the rules of the Act;
  • to make a note of a circumstance or issue to the Indian Competition Commission. The tenure issue is related to a specific monopoly situation that has affected the interests of allottees.
  • if an error appears on the promoting record, amend or correct any order within two years;
  • To collect fees, interest, and damages from agents, allottees, and promoters.

How does Haryana RERA impact the Real Estate Sector?

The RERA has had a wide range of effects on the real estate market. The RERA has been a great step made by the government to encourage investments in this sector, from modernising the real estate industry to holding builders accountable to homebuyers. Haryana RERA impacts the real estate sector in the following ways.

  • Registration with the Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority is required for all residential and commercial real estate projects.
  • Homebuyers can now research projects online to understand what they wish to invest in.
  • In the past, the sale agreements were set up such that homebuyers would be required to pay fines even if the promoter was at fault. The selling agreement will now include all pertinent information as HRERA regulations require.
  • RERA requires the builders to declare the apartment’s size. Nevertheless, rather than the super-constructed area, it is based on the carpet area (the space between four walls).
  • The builder or developer is responsible for fixing any structural flaws. And any problems brought on by the defective construction equipment used for five years.

Consumer Protection and Grievance Redressal under Haryana RERA

Any individual who is entitled to compensation under the provisions of the Act, the Rules, the Regulations, or the parties’ agreement may file a complaint with the Authority alleging that a promoter, allottee, or real estate agent has violated or contravened those requirements.  The following steps must be followed.

  • Investigate the HRERA complaint filing rules.
  • Arrive at the home page of HRERA Gurugram’s official website. Click the “Complaint Registration” option here.
  • Fill out the form to register a complaint, then follow the system’s instructions.
  • After submitting the form, the system will provide you with a complaint number. It must be saved because it might be helpful for all upcoming correspondence.
  • Now, the person registering a complaint must pay the required complaint fee to the Haryana Real Estate Regularity Authority Gurugram via a Demand Draft, payable in Gurugram. The complaint filing charge is Rs. 1000 plus Rs. 10 for each annexure. Remember to include it with the complaint.
  • The applicant must print the Performa registration form and make more than two copies for the respondents.
  • The applicant must now type out a thorough complaint in the format specified by the Regulation dated 16.12.2018. Moreover, more than two respondent sets of complaints must be made and submitted to the Step 6 documentation.
  • A copy of the declaration confirming that a copy of the self-signed complaint has been sent via email and speed post directly to the Respondent must be affixed. Attach the tracking and the email report as proof of service once the complaint has been delivered.
  • The applicant must now provide the respondents with two or more hard copies of the complaint registration form and annexure. A Demand Draft (DD) for the fees is also required, in addition to the paperwork mentioned in the previous stage.
  • After entering the complaint information at haryanarera.gov.in, the applicant must constantly check the status of the complaint.
  • Finally, the applicant should receive a soft copy of the complaint in word format along with the entire complaint and annexure in pdf format.

Haryana RERA Vs Other States’ RERA

Except for Nagaland, all States and Union Territories have published their RERA Act of 2016 regulations. These States were required to develop their rules in accordance with the laws of the Center, but several dilutions have also been noted. There are also a few implementation flaws, like the lack of regulatory power and the absence of websites. The difference between Haryana RERA and other states has been pointed out in the table below.

States Rules notified Regulatory Authority Penalties for non-compliance Website Status Appellate Tribunal Establishment
Andhra Pradesh Yes Permanent In line with Central RERA norms  Launched  Permanent
Bihar Yes Permanent In line with Central RERA norms  Launched  Permanent
Gujarat Yes  Permanent In line with Central RERA norms  Launched  Permanent
Madhya Pradesh Yes  Permanent In line with Central RERA norms  Launched  Permanent
Maharashtra Yes  Permanent In line with Central RERA norms  Launched  Permanent
Odisha Yes  Permanent In line with Central RERA norms  Launched  Permanent
Rajasthan Yes  Permanent In line with Central RERA norms  Launched  Permanent
Uttar Pradesh Yes  Permanent In line with Central RERA norms  Launched  Permanent
Punjab Yes  Permanent In line with Central RERA norms  Launched  Permanent
Haryana Yes  Permanent In line with Central RERA norms  Launched  Permanent
Jharkhand Yes  Permanent In line with Central RERA norms  Launched  Permanent
Himachal Pradesh Yes  Permanent In line with Central RERA norms  Launched  Permanent
Uttarakhand Yes  Permanent In line with Central RERA norms  Launched  Interim
Chhattisgarh Yes  Permanent In line with Central RERA norms  Launched  Permanent
Karnataka Yes  Permanent In line with Central RERA norms  Launched  Permanent
Tamil Nadu Yes  Permanent In line with Central RERA norms  Launched  Permanent
Andaman and Nicobar Islands Yes  Permanent (TNRERA) In line with Central RERA norms  Launched  Permanent
Chandigarh Yes  Permanent In line with Central RERA norms  Launched  Permanent
Dadra and Nagar Haveli Yes  Permanent (MahaRERA) In line with Central RERA norms  Launched  Permanent
Daman and Diu Yes  Permanent (MahaRERA) In line with Central RERA norms  Launched  Permanent
Lakshadweep Yes  Permanent In line with Central RERA norms  Launched  Permanent
Puducherry Yes  Interim In line with Central RERA norms  Launched  Permanent
Delhi NCR Yes  Permanent In line with Central RERA norms  Launched  Permanent
Kerala Yes  Permanent In line with Central RERA norms  Launched  Permanent
Assam Yes  Permanent In line with Central RERA norms  Launched  Permanent
Telangana Yes  Interim In line with Central RERA norms  Launched  Interim
West Bengal Yes  None  –  Not Launched  Not established
Goa Yes  Permanent In line with Central RERA norms  Launched  Permanent
Tripura Yes  Permanent In line with Central RERA norms  Launched  Interim
Manipur Yes  Interim In line with Central RERA norms  Not Launched  Interim
Nagaland Under Process  None  –  Not Launched  Not established
Arunachal Pradesh Yes  Interim In line with Central RERA norms  Not Launched  Not established
Meghalaya Yes  None  –  Not Launched  Not established
Mizoram Yes  Interim In line with Central RERA norms  Launched  Not established
Sikkim Yes  None In line with Central RERA norms  Not Launched  Not established
Jammu and Kashmir Yes  Interim In line with Central RERA norms  Not Launched  Not established
Ladakh Yes  None In line with Central RERA norms  Not Launched  Not established

Future Prospects and Challenges of Haryana RERA

The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, also known as RERA, is a very important law that will have an effect on the complete real estate market in the nation. RERA Haryana brings transparency and responsibility to a market that is viewed as being large but unorganised. The future prospects and challenges of Haryana RERA are mentioned below.

  • Haryana RERA will play a significant role in ensuring institutional funds move, making the end-user the true winner and safeguarding them from dishonest practices.
  • Real estate includes the use of building materials, which are a source of income for many small and large-scale groups. However, the RERA Haryana has reduced the number of new projects, which has decreased the demand for materials, impacting the economy and employment.
  • Because developers are prohibited from using this money for other projects, no new projects may be undertaken using funds from ongoing projects.
  • Regulation necessitates permissions and approvals, which may cause projects to start or conclude later than planned.
  • Due to strict regulations and decreased profit, builders have lost interest in real estate ventures.
  • Real estate has strong employability potential, but HRERA discourages developers, eliminating job possibilities.
  • The government of Haryana must make amends to grow out of the challenges.

Latest Developments in Haryana RERA

Real Estate Agent Gets His Licence Cancelled

In March 2023, a real estate agent’s registration licence was revoked by the Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority (HRERA) because of the real estate agent falsifying papers when applying for registration. Within its powers and in accordance with the RERA Act, the Haryana RERA cancelled his registration. Vineet Kejriwal, a real estate agent, forged the documents with malicious intent, which is a severe offence. In April 2022, the agent was registered with Haryana RERA as an agency. The authority got a complaint alleging that the real estate agent used forged rent documents to apply to the RERA Gurgaon. During the inquiry, the authorities discovered the agent’s true intentions. Sections 7 and 9 of the RERA Act provide that if the authority is satisfied with the documents and proof provided by the applicant and grants the registration, it may subsequently cancel it if fraud occurs.

How to avail of home loans under Haryana RERA

The HRERA regulations, which include a code of behaviour and rules for building, selling, and marketing properties, provide explicit guidelines and regulations for both developers and buyers. This is because you must be extremely cautious when dealing with legal matters and paperwork, as even the minutest error could result in a significant loss. The best method to avoid making such errors is to enlist the help of a team of experts. Only builders whose projects have been registered under RERA Haryana will have their credit requests approved and disbursed by banks. The RERA Act also applies to customers of current home loans.

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What are the penalties for non-compliance with Haryana RERA?

If a project is found to be incomplete, a fine of Rs. 25 lakhs for non-compliance with Haryana RERA is levied on five builders.

How can consumers file a complaint with Haryana RERA?

Consumers must visit the official portal of Haryana RERA or contact customer support by dialling +91 172-2584232, 2585232, or hrerapkl-hry@gov.in to lodge their complaints. Follow our guide above to know more.

What is the role of the Real Estate Appellate Tribunal under Haryana RERA?

The role of the Real Estate Appellate Tribunal under Haryana RERA is to analyse Haryana RERA’s decisions and check if they must be upheld.

Who is required to register under Haryana RERA?

Real estate agents and builders are required to register under Haryana RERA

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