Chitra Chaudhary

  Chitra is a stellar writer with over three years of experience writing about banking, financial services and insurance. She enjoys delving deeply into all the nitty-gritty of finance and associated topics that most people would rather avoid. With a master's in Computer Science, Chitra alchemises her analytical and creative prowess to manifest some of the most astounding articles for Urban Money.


30 Stories by Author: Chitra Chaudhary

  • What is a Credit Card Grace Period?

    A grace period is a period that falls between the billing date and the due payment date. You’ll be charged a minimum amount on purchases during this period, or there will be no charges at all. It’s not a requirement for credit card companies to provide a grace period. However, most of the agencies provide a grace period to their…...
  • RBI Home Loan Guidelines 2023

    The Reserve Bank of India is the highest banking and financial authority in India. Along with the Government of India, the central bank revamps and updates its policies to publish RBI guidelines for home loans every year. The guidelines specify the home loan rules that are to be followed by lenders as well as borrowers. Home loan rules and regulations…...
  • (Memorandum of Deposit) MOD in Home Loan

    Out of the numerous documents a home loan applicant has to sign, a Memorandum of Deposit (MoD) is among the most important ones. Knowing only the loan terms and mere verbal interactions with bank agents isn’t enough for a home loan seeker. To be an intelligent borrower, one must be fully aware of the legal as well as administrative demands…...
  • Top 10 Best Personal Loan Bank List in India 2023

    India, with its robust banking system and evolving digital landscape, has witnessed an upsurge in the demand for personal loans over the past decade. Personal loans, often touted as the go-to financial solution for immediate needs, can be a lifesaver when addressing unplanned emergencies, home renovations, higher education, or even dream vacations. Choosing the right bank for your personal loan…...
  • Top 10 Realty Developers in India

    The feeling when you buy your first car, the feeling of going on that first trip, and the feeling of buying your first dream house make our lives whole. These are the kinds of goals we set for ourselves in life! When talking about buying your first home, they say it right, ‘a home is where your heart is!’In this…...
  • Top 10 Best Bank for Home Loan In India 2023

    We have compiled a list of the best banks for a home loan in India 2023 based on the home loan value it offers to the borrower. These banks offer a variety of home loan programs with numerous advantages and features. Some of the advantages of such home loans are higher eligibility, lower EMIs, EMI exemptions, mixed interest rates, overdraft…...
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