SBI is Offering 30-40 bps concessions on Home Loan Rates Till March 31, 2023

January 30, 2023


State Bank of India (SBI) is one of the major lenders in the public sector. It has recently announced a new scheme in its exciting festive offer, “campaign rates,” wherein SBI is lowering its home loan interest rates by 30 to 40 basis points. This exciting deal is valid till March 31, 2023. Customers who take advantage of the new offer from SBI can get standard home loans with interest rates of around 8.60%, which is respectively lower. However, the SBI home loan interest rates might fluctuate according to the credit score of respective customers.

Let’s have a quick look at how this offer is going to change and serve some sigh of relief for the customers of an SBI home loan interest rates:

Home Loan

The most significant discounts on home loan rates, between 30 and 40 bps, are being offered by SBI. However, these exclusions are only valid for credit scores between 700 and 800 or equivalent.

SBI home loan interest rates on a home loan are approx. 8.60% under the campaign rates offer, which is a 30 basis points decrease from the usual rate of 8.90% for a CIBIL score of at least 800. SBI is offering 40 basis points in concessions for people who hold their credit scores between 750 and 799 and 700 and 749, lowering the rates from 9% and 9.10% to 8.60% and 8.70%, respectively.

Notably, SBI is also offering a 30 bps concession to borrowers with scores of “NTC/NO CIBIL/-1,” lowering their housing loan rate from 9.10% to 8.80%.

Home loan interest rates for borrowers with credit scores of 650 to 699 and 550 to 649 both remain unchanged at 9.20%.

According to the bank’s offer, for loans up to 30 lacs with LTV >80% & =90%, the premium of 10 basis points will be maintained.

Additionally, for Privilege and Apon Ghar, these rates include a concession of 5bps for female borrowers and a concession of 5bps for individuals holding pay accounts.

Shaurya and Shaurya Flexi Products are being granted a discount of 10 basis points over the above-proposed pricing to boost their products for individuals serving in defence.

Top-Up Loans

Further, for Privilege and Apon Ghar, the rates include a 5bps concession for female borrowers and a 5bps concession for those who hold pay accounts.

Shaurya and Shaurya Flexi Products are granted a ten basis point discount over the above-proposed pricing to boost their products for serving defence personnel.

The rates for scores between 650 and 699, 550 and 649, and NTC/NO CIBIL/-1 continue at 9.60%, 9.90%, and 9.50%, respectively.

Also, SBI is providing a five basis point discount on card rates for MaxGain & Realty loans to borrowers with a CIBIL Score of 750 or higher (apart from CRE Loans).

The processing fees have also been waived off from the SBI home loan for both standard and top-up house loans in addition to these advantages.

The bank previously announced a holiday offering from October 4, 2022, until January 31, 2023.

Additional Benefits

In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, SBI has also decided to waive processing fees for top-up and regular home loans.

The bank had previously announced a special festive season promotion from October 4, 2022, until January 31, 2023.

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