NSEIT UIDAI : Exam Registration, Fee Payment And Download Certificate

NSEIT UIDAI : Exam Registration, Fee Payment And Download Certificate

It is under the UIDAI’s mandate to provide a unique Aadhaar number to all the residents of our country. For a varied and cooperative effort of triumphantly building the residents’ database, it is important to maintain the uniformity of the Aadhaar enrolment and update process across the ecosystem of registrars. Achieving such an elaborate uniformity in the Aadhaar Enrolment or update process calls for the enrolment staff involved at the field level to be trained thoroughly to successfully accomplish the role of enrolment. To deal with this need, UIDAI has worked on a comprehensive training delivery methodology and content for all the stakeholders involved.

NSEIT Highlights:

S. No.  Particulars Details
1 Name of the Exam UIDAI Enrolment Supervisor/Operator Certification Exam
2 Organizing Body NSEIT Limited
3 Exam Outreach Across the nation (India)
4 Mode of Exam Computer Based / Online Mode
5 Purpose of Exam For Selection of Supervisors / Aadhaar Operators / CELC Operators
6 Application Date Can Apply Anytime
7 Frequency of Exam Throughout the year. Candidates can give the exam anytime.
8 Exam Language English and Hindi
9 Website Official Site

NSEIT UIDAI Exam Keynotes

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is responsible for issuing Aadhaar cards to citizens of India, which serve as proof of identity and residence for citizens. Indian citizens can use their Aadhaar card for various government services such as banking, subsidies, and government schemes. The UIDAI NSEIT certification exam tests a candidate's knowledge about the Aadhaar card, UIDAI policies and procedures, and privacy and security measures. Here are some keynotes about the UIDAI NSEIT exam.  

  • The exam is computer-based and consists of multiple-choice questions.
  • The questions cover topics such as Aadhaar enrolment and update processes, Aadhaar-based authentication, privacy and security measures, and the use of Aadhaar in various government services.
  • Candidates must score at least 60% marks to pass the exam and obtain the UIDAI certification.
  • The certification is valid for two years, and candidates must renew their certification after this period to continue working as UIDAI-certified enrolment and update agencies.
  • The UIDAI exam is an important step in becoming an authorized Aadhaar enrolment and update agency and helps in ensuring the quality and reliability of Aadhaar enrolment and update services.

What is the Full Form of NSEIT?

The full form of NSEIT is National Securities Depository Limited - Information Technology.

What is the Work of NSEIT?

NSEIT UIDAI is the National Centre for Software Testing (NCST), a subsidiary of the Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL), which is responsible for providing software testing services for the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). The main work of NSEIT UIDAI is to conduct tests and assessments on the software and technology used by UIDAI to ensure its security, accuracy and reliability. It includes verifying the authenticity of the data stored in the Aadhaar database and conducting tests on the software used to generate and manage Aadhaar numbers.

The objective of NSEIT (National Securities Depository Limited - Information Technology) in association with UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) is to:

  • Provide secure and efficient digital infrastructure for the issuance, management, and storage of Aadhaar numbers, which are unique 12-digit identification numbers assigned to Indian residents. 
  • The aim is to create a unified digital identity for every citizen, thereby improving government services and financial inclusion for the citizens of India.

What is NSEIT UIDAI Online Exam?

NSEIT UIDAI Online Exam refers to the online examination conducted by NSEIT (National Securities Depository Limited - IT) for the enrollment of Aadhaar (Unique Identification Authority of India) operators. This exam aims to assess the candidates' knowledge and skills in enrolling people for Aadhaar and ensure that they comply with the guidelines and security standards set by UIDAI. The exam covers various aspects of the Aadhaar enrollment process, including document verification, biometric capturing, and data entry.

How to Go About NSEIT Registration?

NSEIT or Nationalistic Social Entertaining Impressionable Theatrical is a private company and a subsidiary of the National Stock Exchange, that has been providing business services since its inception in October 1999. Appointed by UIDAI as the Testing and Certification Agency (TCA) NSEIT Ltd, it conducts virtual tests to assess a candidate's ability to carry out new Enrolments and Update the pre-existing Information in accordance with UIDAI prescribed standards.

Candidates who are interested in getting registered, by visiting the official NSEIT UIDAI website and by uploading a few necessary documents. The documents required for the registration are listed below for your reference:

  • Your current phone number for Aadhaar OTP verification
  • Updated Aadhaar with your latest photograph
  • The Aadhaar number provided must not be blacklisted by UIDAI in any shape or form
  • The minimum age requirement is 18 years
  • Apart from this, candidates are needed to generate an offline XML file with a shareable code

NSEIT UIDAI Exam Payment

The NSEIT UIDAI Exam Payment online process is as follows:

  • Go to the official website of the NSEIT UIDAI Exam at nseit.com.
  • Click on the ‘Payment’ option from the menu.
  • Fill in your personal details such as name, email ID, and mobile number.
  • Select the payment method from the available options such as debit card, credit card, net banking, or UPI.
  • Enter the required details for the selected payment method.
  • Review the payment details and click on the ‘Pay’ button.
  • You will be redirected to the payment gateway, where you must complete the transaction.
  • Once the payment is successful, you will receive a confirmation email and an SMS with the payment receipt.
  • You can now proceed to the NSEIT UIDAI Exam registration process with the payment confirmation details.

Keep the payment receipt and other details handy, as they might be required later.

The offline payment process for the NSEIT UIDAI exam is as follows:

  • Download the payment form: The payment form is available on the official NSEIT UIDAI website. You can download the form and fill in your personal and exam details.
  • Make the payment: After you have filled in the payment form, take a print out of the form and make the payment at the nearest NSEIT UIDAI designated bank.
  • Submit the payment form: Once the payment is made, attach the original payment receipt to the payment form and submit it to the NSEIT UIDAI exam centre.
  • Confirm your payment: NSEIT UIDAI will confirm your payment and send you a confirmation email. After receiving the confirmation email, you can proceed to book your exam slot.

Please make sure to keep a copy of the payment receipt for future reference.

NESIT Exam Fee

Candidates appearing for UIDAI’s NSEIT examination are required to pay a certain amount as examination fees. The details are as follows. 

Particulars  Fee Details
Examination Fee INR 470. 82 (including GST) 
Retest Fee INR 235.41 (including GST)

How to Go About UIDAI NSEIT Registration?

The UIDAI NSEIT exam registration process is as follows:

  • Visit the UIDAI NSEIT website (https://www[dot]uidai[dot]gov[dot]in) and click on the “Exam Registration” tab.
  • Fill in the necessary details in the online application form, such as name, email ID, contact number, and other personal details.
  • Choose the preferred exam centre and select the date and time slot for the exam.
  • Upload the required documents, such as a passport-sized photo and a scanned copy of your signature.
  • Pay the exam fee through the online payment gateway using a credit card, debit card, or net banking.
  • After successful payment, an application number will be generated.
  • Take a printout of the application form and keep it for future reference.
  • Followed by the authority will send the admit card to your email ID before the exam date.
  • On the day of the exam, carry the admit card along with a valid photo ID proof to the exam centre.
  • After the exam, the results will be declared on the UIDAI NSEIT website, and a certificate will be issued to those who pass the exam.

Note: The exam fee and eligibility criteria may vary as per the UIDAI NSEIT's norms.

NSEIT Login Process

The NSEIT UIDAI login process is as follows:

  • Go to the NSEIT UIDAI website: https://nseit.com/
  • Click on the "UIDAI Login" button on the home page.
  • Enter your registered email address and password.
  • Click on the "Login" button.
  • You will be directed to the UIDAI dashboard if the credentials are correct.
  • An error message will be displayed in case of incorrect login credentials, asking you to enter the correct details.
  • If you have forgotten your password, click on the "Forgot Password" link, enter your registered email address, and follow the instructions to reset the password.

Note: The NSEIT UIDAI login process is for authorized users only, and unauthorized access to the UIDAI dashboard is strictly prohibited and may result in legal consequences.

NSEIT Certificate Download

To download the NSEIT UIDAI Exam Certificate, follow these steps:

  • Go to the NSEIT website.
  • Click on the “Certificates” tab at the top of the page.
  • Select “UIDAI Exam Certificate” from the list of available certificates.
  • Enter your roll number or registration number in the given field.
  • Enter your date of birth or the date on which you appeared for the exam.
  • Click on the “Download” button.
  • Your UIDAI Exam Certificate will be downloaded in PDF format.
  • Save the certificate for future reference.

Note: If you cannot download your certificate, contact NSEIT support for assistance.

NSEIT Helpline Number

To contact NSEIT UIDAI exam customer care, you can use the following methods:

  • Phone: Call the NSEIT customer care helpline number +91 22 64500600
  • Email: Send an email to customercare@nseit.com with your query.
  • Online form: Fill out the online customer support form available on the NSEIT website.
  • Social media: You can also reach out to NSEIT on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to get the UIDAI NSEIT supervisor/operator certificate?

After a candidate passes the NSEIT UIDAI exam, they will be able to download their certificates by entering the Registration / User ID or Certificate Number on the official website.

What is the syllabus for the NSEIT UIDAI exam?

Interested candidates for the NSEIT UIDAI exam will have to read from the Handbook for Ecosystem Partners. This includes instructions for enrolment agencies, supervisors, registrars, verifiers and introducers

What is the fee for the NSEIT UIDAI Exam?

An interested candidate will have to pay a nominal fee of Rs. 470.82, inclusive of GST to appear in the NSEIT UIDAI Exam. To appear in a Re-test, candidates will have to pay a sum of Rs. 235.41, inclusive of GST.

What is an Aadhaar supervisor certificate?

The Aadhar Supervisor Certificate is a necessary qualification for candidates who wish to be employed as an Aadhaar Supervisor. An aadhaar supervisor is a person who manages operations in an Aadhaar Enrolment Agency.

What is the enrollment agency code in NSEIT?

To get biometric information from particular demographic residents, registrars of the organisation set up Enrollment Agencies. Each Enrollment Agency is designated a specific numeric code to ease the process of data management.

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