Axis Bank Calculators

Axis Bank calculators are online tools offered to their customer base, providing them the convenience of making automated calculations. These assist the user to compute the EMI on a loan considering the amount, tenure, and interest rate. This instrument is an easy-to-use financial tool that helps individuals make better financial decisions and meet their desired objectives.

Axis Bank Calculators - Introduction

Axis Bank is one of India's highly recognized banks that offers products and services to satisfy a customer’s financial needs. The increasing demand and competition for these products have resulted in the birth of Axis Bank calculators. The various calculators help the customers become well-versed with the financial implications of the products they opt for. For instance, the Axis Bank EMI calculator calculates the estimated EMI on various loans. In contrast, the fixed deposit calculator calculates the amount received based on the fixed deposit amount, tenure, and interest rate.

When a customer utilises the Axis Bank calculator, they get the best services and save themselves a lot of time. Read on to learn everything about the Axis Bank loan calculator.

Axis Bank Calculators - Features & Benefits

The Axis Bank calculator is worth a customer’s time and effort because of its unique features and benefits. The following points contribute to its features and benefits-

  • The Axis Bank calculator computes all loan amounts and interest a user may earn upon maturity based on any selected tenure.
  • Individuals may make mistakes when performing calculations manually, but you can rely on the calculator's accuracy. 
  • Customers can quickly examine the total repayments due and the amount they will receive upon the maturity of a deposit scheme with a single click. 
  • This calculator can be used from anywhere at any time to manage one's finances while on the road. 
  • When data is displayed, it makes things easier to understand. Users of the calculator will benefit from visual representations.  
  • This AI-powered tool can be utilised multiple times by users until they are satisfied.
  • Individuals using the tool are not required to attain a degree or advanced knowledge to operate this. 
  • The calculator does not require loads of data to provide the user with the requested results.
  • This cost-efficient tool saves time by automating calculations on behalf of the user.

Axis Bank Calculators - How to Use Them?

The Axis Bank EMI calculator is the most popular calculator among its peers. The Urban Money platform reduces customers' worries by providing them with all the financial calculators about Axis Bank. A user must follow the steps to navigate the simple Axis loan calculator.

  • Visit Urban Money’s official website.
  • On the top of the homepage, hover towards the bank calculators tab and click on the Axis Bank calculator you wish to use. 
  • The calculator you opted for will be visible on the new page. Enter the details in the respective fields asked by the calculator. This data must be entered as it helps give you a definite answer. 
  • Once satisfied with the information, click the ‘calculator’ button.
  • The calculator will display your result with the entered values. If you are unsatisfied with the results or wish to draw a comparison, you can replace the values and calculate until you find the amount that fits your financial standing.

Axis Bank Calculators - How Do These Calculators Help You?

The working model of the Axis Bank calculator is designed to help customers with their need to make financial decisions. The calculators assist both borrowers and investors in making sound decisions by providing accurate results in mere seconds. However, the user must be aware of their financial goals as it will ease the task of choosing the best solution.

The Axis Bank EMI calculator helps determine the EMI on various types of loans. The user must enter the loan amount, interest rate, and tenure, and the Axis Bank loan calculator will generate the results. This tool, as mentioned, can be used multiple times, allowing the user to compare different results and choose the one that aligns best with their goals.

Investors can use this AI-powered tool to generate quick, error-free results and build their portfolios as best as possible. The calculation helps a user to make a well-informed decision. For instance, the calculator requires users to enter an amount, interest rate, and tenure, and the calculator will generate the amount due upon maturity. This can be done multiple times, with comparisons on every value entered.

How Can You Save By Using These Calculators?

The Axis Bank loan calculator helps a user make sound financial decisions. Users find themselves free of the burden of unwelcome costs. Let us take a look at the various calculators of Axis Bank and establish their power to save costs.

Personal Loan Calculator

The personal loan calculator displays the EMI based on their tenure, amount, and interest rate. Users can adjust their repayment tenure at their convenience to avoid payment defaults. This will help in the reduction or elimination of penalties and other expenses. Users can compare different amounts to choose the one that allures them with less money over a longer tenure.  

Loan Against Property Calculator

The calculator informs the users about their EMIs based on the loan amount, interest rate, and tenure. To save costs, a user can adjust the variables and choose the one that saves them the most in terms of money. This will help in a decreased cost over the long run.

Recurring Deposit Calculator

Customers can use the Axis RD Calculator to estimate the returns on their recurring deposits. This enables them to select the best investment solutions that maximise returns while meeting their financial objectives. Furthermore, by comparing several RD alternatives, customers can choose the one with the most significant interest rates, which can help them save money in the long term.

Home Loan Calculator

Owning a home is an expensive dream. Therefore, the need to choose the most cost-efficient home loan arises. Axis Bank’s home loan calculator lets users know the EMI on the amount they enter. When a user enters different loan details from various lenders, the results displayed play an important role. If chosen correctly, users can avoid late payment charges and defaults and earn benefits like lower interest rates or extended tenure.

Business Loan Calculator

The business loan calculator allows users to compare different loan amounts, tenures, and interest rates, saving them tremendous money. The EMI on the loans highly reflects the working of a business. If a user plays around with the variables involved in the computation, they can save a tremendous amount of money whilst meeting the financial obligations of their business.

Fixed Deposit Calculator

Fixed deposit is the safest investment option, and the calculator ensures it stays that way. When users enter different deposit amounts, tenure, and interest rates to draw a comparison, they choose the one that will benefit them the most (cost-wise) while meeting their investment goals. A scheme that may look attractive may end up being latched with additional costs when calculated.

Public Provident Fund Calculator

Customers can use the Axis PPF Calculator to assess the returns on their PPF investments. Using this calculator, customers can select the best investment options that offer the maximum returns and help them reach their financial goals. Customers can compare the many PPF options and choose the PPF option with the highest interest rates, allowing them to create long-term financial investments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is interest calculated in Axis Bank?

Axis Bank has competitive interest rates attached to its products. A customer can calculate interest rates through the Axis Bank calculator. Read the above sections to gain a more profound knowledge of the same.

What factors affect the calculations through Axis Bank calculators?

The factors affecting the calculations through Axis Bank calculators depend upon the type of calculator used. Factors like principal amount, tenure, and interest rate alter the calculations.

What does Axis Bank consider when disbursing any type of loan?

Axis Bank considers several factors like loan amount, borrower’s repayment history, credit score, occupation, income, creditworthiness, etc., when disbursing any type of loan.

In case of prepayment, will my EMI on Axis loans change?

Yes, in the case of prepayment of the loan, the EMI will change. However, making a prepayment might attract prepayment charges. It is advised for a borrower to be aware of the charges before making a payment.

Which method of EMI calculation does Axis Bank use?

Axis Bank calculators mainly employ the reducing balance method while computing EMI on loans. The formula to calculate EMI is P x R x (1+R)^N / [(1+R)^N-1];


  • “P” is the principal loan amount
  • “R” is the prevailing interest rate
  • “N” is the tenure in months.
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