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DCB offers attractive Fixed Deposit schemes with interest rates starting at 4.80% p.a. with flexible tenures ranging from 7 days to 10 years. The bank also provides fixed deposit schemes for Non-Resident Indians, such as FCNR, NRE, and NRO Fixed deposits. The bank also accepts deposits in foreign currencies like US Dollars, British Pounds, Euros, Australian Dollars, and Canadian Dollars.

The online DCB FD Calculator aids the investor in determining the potential interest their money will accrue while investing in a fixed deposit scheme from DCB. By entering just a few details, the users can know various details about their investment, like the total amount on maturity, interest earned, and the daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly payout. 

DCB Bank Fix Deposit Features

Given below are some of the features of the DCB fixed deposit scheme:

  • The tenure for a Fixed Deposit scheme from DCB ranges from 7 months to 10 years
  • These FD schemes are insured under RBI’s Deposit Insurance Scheme up to a limit of Rs. 5 lakhs for all deposits
  • The investor can avail of a loan or overdraft against their fixed deposit up to a limit of 80% of the deposit amount 
  • The investors can also take advantage of the auto-renewal facility available for fixed deposit schemes from DCB. 
  • Senior citizens are eligible for an additional interest rate of 0.50% on their fixed deposit investments. 
  • The minimum amount for investment commences from Rs.10,000.
  • Investors have the facility to elect nominees for their fixed deposit accounts.
  • The investor can also select from the monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly payout options.

How to Use the DCB FD Calculator? 

The DCB FD calculator is very simple to use and can be accessed anywhere at any time. All you need is a device and an internet connection. The steps mentioned below give an overview of the functioning of the calculator so that they can conveniently compute the returns on their investment. 

Step 1: Visit the official Urban Money DCB FD calculator page.

Step 2: Enter details such as the Deposit amount, Interest rate, Investment tenure, and  Interest compounding frequency.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Calculate’ button.

Step 4: The results will then be displayed on the screen. These will include the total maturity amount and the interest accrued throughout the tenure.

How Does the DCB FD Calculator Work?

The DCB FD Calculator is an efficient AI-powered online tool that provides quick and accurate results. In addition to giving accurate results, it also helps investors to save valuable time and energy. Consider the pointers mentioned below to use the DCB FD calculator easily:

  • Select your preferred type of fixed deposit payout. The investor can choose from cumulative, quarterly, or monthly payout options.
  • Once you have finalised your payout frequency, select your desired investment amount. The minimum investment requirement is Rs.10,000.
  • Enter your preferred date of investment commencement.
  • Enter your desired investment duration.

Formula to Determine DCB Bank FD Returns

The powerful AI-backed online financial tool utilises various user-provided inputs to provide accurate results to the investor. Some of the inputs required by the calculator are applicable interest rates, investment tenure, and investment amount. Further, senior citizens get an additional preferential interest rate of 0.50%. Given below is the standard formula used to determine the return from your DCB FD investment:

A = P {1 + ( r / 400 ) } ^ n

In this formula,

  • A stands for the total return from the FD scheme
  • P refers to the initial principal amount
  • r denotes the applicable interest rate
  • N refers to the number of years

Example: Mr Finn Garin Diaz opens an FD account with an investment of Rs. 1,00,000 where the investment tenure is of 7 days, and the interest rate is determined at 4.80% p.a. The maturity amount at the end of the tenure will be Rs 1,00,671. This amount includes an accrued interest of Rs. 671 along with Rs. 1,00,000 principal amount. 

Benefits of Using DCB Fixed Deposit Calculator

An investor must use the DCB FD calculator to understand a scheme’s return structure before investing in the same. It assists the user in understanding the data by taking into consideration interest rates offered by various other financial institutions. It saves valuable time and energy and aids them in planning their future financial journey. 

Since fixed deposit plans generally entail lump sum investments, the DCB bank can help the investor devise an efficient savings strategy. Below are some other benefits of using the DCB FD calculator:

  • The DCB FD calculator is an easily accessible, efficient online tool that can be used anytime and anywhere.
  • No prior financial expertise is required to operate this calculator
  • The DCB FD calculator has a user-friendly interface that even first-time users can operate conveniently. 
  • The calculations are performed in real-time to provide instant results.
  • Users can use multiple combinations of different values without any limitations.
  • The DCB FD calculator can provide much-needed financial clarity to users.  
  • The investor can easily develop effective saving and investing strategies. 
  • Manually calculating the values can be a time-consuming and confusing process prone to errors. This is where the DCB FD calculator comes in handy, providing quick and accurate results with just a few clicks.

DCB Bank Fix Deposit Interest Rates

The DCB fixed deposit schemes have varying tenures and interest rates that differ according to the tenure and deposit amount. The interest rates for the general public usually vary from  4.80-7.10% p.a. The table given below depicts the interest rates for a DCB FD for different tenures and amounts:

DCB FD Interest Rates on Deposits Less Than Rs. 2 Crore

Tenure Interest Rates for General Public(%) Interest Rates for Senior Citizens (%)
7 days to 14 days 4.8 5.3
15 days to 45 days 4.8 5.3
46 days to 90 days 4.8 5.3
91 days to less than 6 months 5.5 6
6 months to less than 12 months 5.7 6.2
12 months 6.1 6.6
More than 12 months to less than 15 months 5.75 6.25
15 months to less than 18 months 6.75 7.25
18 months to less than 700 days 6.75 7.25
700 days 7.1 7.6
More than 700 days to less than 36 months 7.1 7.6
36 months 7.1 7.6
More than 36 months to 60 months 7 7.5
More than 60 months to 120 months 7 7.5

DCB Bank Tax Saver Deposit

Tenure Interest Rates for General Public Interest Rates for Senior Citizens
5 years 7 % 7.5 %

Comparison of DCB FD With Other Banks

The table given below depicts how the DCB FD compares to the fixed deposit schemes offered by some of the leading banks and NBFCs in the country:

Name of Bank/NBFC Interest Rates for Senior Citizens (per annum) Interest Rates for General Public (per annum)
Bank of India FD 3.35% to 5.95% 2.85% to 5.20%
ICICI Bank FD 3.25% to 5.75% 2.75% to 5.75%
Punjab and Sind Bank FD 3.50% to 5.90% 3.00% to 5.40%
State Bank of India FD 3.40% to 6.30% 2.90% to 5.50%
Bank of Baroda FD 3.30% to 6.35% 2.80% to 5.35%
Kotak Mahindra Bank FD 3.00% to 6.40% 2.50% to 5.90%
IDFC First Bank FD 4.00% to 7.00% 3.50% to 6.50%
Kotak Bank FD 3.20% to 6.50% 2.70% to 5.75%
Canara Bank FD 2.90% to 6.25% 2.90% to 5.75%
HDFC Bank FD 3.25% to 6.50% 2.75% to 5.75%
Axis Bank FD 2.50% to 6.50% 2.50% to 5.75%
Punjab National Bank FD 3.50% to 6.10% 3.00% to 5.60%
RBL Bank FD 3.75% to 7.15% 3.25% to 6.65%

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the current FD rate of DCB bank?

DCB offers attractive fixed deposit schemes with interest rates varying from 4.80-7.10% p.a. for the general public and 5.30-7.60% p.a. for senior citizens.

What is the interest of 1 lakh in DCB Bank?

The interest rate for a deposit of Rs. 1 lakh in DCB FD ranges between 4.8- 7.10% p.a.

Which FD is better in DCB Bank?

DCB offers various FD schemes, each with its own features and benefits. DCB also offers NRO, NRE, and FCNR deposits catering for currencies worldwide.

Can I take a loan against a fixed deposit in DCB bank?

You can get a loan from DCB of up to 80% of the deposit amount.

Can I withdraw my FD before maturity in DCB?

Yes, you can withdraw your DCB FD before the maturity date. However the payout will be subject to the prevailing interest rate at the withdrawal time.

Is DCB bank safe for FD?

Investing in a DCB FD is considered to be a safe and secure option. This is because these schemes are rated AAA, which is the highest rating by ICRA and CRISIL. The funds of the bank are backed by the government and are safe irrespective of the Bank’s financial situation.

What are the DCB Bank FD interest rates for senior citizens?

The DCB FD interest rates for senior citizens vary from  5.30-7.60% p.a.

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