Today Gold Rate in Lucknow

The gold rate in Lucknow has recently increased due to increased local residents' demand. At Lucknow, you can purchase gold at a variety of locations. Regarding gold investment, Lucknow has a long history of tradition. Before buying, though, you should research gold prices in Lucknow.


Today MCX gold price in rupees per 10 grams.
(10 grams = 1 tola gold)

  • 22 Carat Gold
  • 58,650(10 gram)
  • 24 Carat Gold
  • 63,970(10 gram)

22 Carat & 24 Carat Compare Gold Rate In Lucknow (Today & Yesterday)

Gold Rate 22 Carat Gold Rate 24 Carat
Today58,650  63,970  

Today 24 Carat Gold Price per gram in Lucknow (INR)

GramGold Rate Yesterday 24k Gold Rate Today 24k Daily Price Change
1 Gram Gold Rate6,4246,397-27
8 Gram Gold Rate51,39251,176-216
10 Gram Gold Rate64,24063,970-270
100 Gram Gold Rate6,42,4006,39,700-2,700

Today 22 Carat Gold Price per gram in Lucknow (INR)

GramGold Rate Yesterday 22k Gold Rate Today 22k Daily Price Change
1 Gram Gold Rate5,8905,865-25
8 Gram Gold Rate47,12046,920-200
10 Gram Gold Rate58,90058,650-250
100 Gram Gold Rate5,89,0005,86,500-2,500

Today Gold Rate of Metro Cities in India

CityGold Rate 22k Gold Rate 24k

Today's Gold Rate in Lucknow - An Overview

People in India have long favoured gold as an investment option. It has been a part of Indian culture for millennia and is seen as a sign of wealth and prosperity. Regarding gold, Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, is no exception. The city has a long history of gold jewellery production, and residents take pride in wearing gold jewellery. In this post, we will look at the current gold rate in Lucknow and the factors that influence it.

The price of gold in Lucknow and other regions of India is determined by several factors, including worldwide market trends, demand and supply, currency exchange rates, import duty, and so on. In addition, the purity of gold, which is assessed by several testing methods, also influences the price of gold.

How is the Purity of Gold Determined?

Gold purity is measured in carats (ct) or karats (K), a unit of fineness. For example, 24-carat pure gold is 99.9% pure. On the other hand, pure gold is too soft to be used in jewellery, so it is combined with other metals such as silver, copper, nickel, and so on to make it tougher and more durable. Gold jewellery purity levels most typically used are 18K, 22K, and 24K. 

Several testing procedures are used to determine the purity of gold, such as the acid test, X-ray fluorescence, fire assay, and so on. In addition, you can check your gold jewellery for purity in Lucknow at numerous jewellery stores or a government-approved testing centre.

How You Can Make Gold as an Investment in Lucknow?

Investing in gold is a common technique to protect one's finances in India. In Lucknow, you can invest in gold by purchasing gold jewellery, coins, bars, ETFs, and mutual funds. 

Buying gold jewellery or coins is an excellent investment in physical gold. However, buying gold from a reputable jeweller that sells hallmarked gold is critical. Hallmarked gold indicates that the purity of the gold has been confirmed by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), and it comes with a certificate of purity. 

Gold ETFs and mutual funds are other popular investment choices for people who want to avoid investing in genuine gold. These are paper investments that track the price of gold and may be purchased and sold like equities.

Things to Know Before Buying Gold Jewellery in Lucknow

Buying gold jewellery in Lucknow can be daunting, especially if you are unfamiliar with the market. Here are a few things to keep in mind before making a purchase:

  • Always buy from a trusted jeweller who offers hallmarked gold.
  • Check the weight and purity of the gold before buying.
  • Negotiate the making charges with the jeweller.
  • Keep the bill and certificate of purity safe for future reference.
  • Be aware of the prevailing gold rate in Lucknow before making a purchase.
  • As per Income Tax laws in India, any Indian household can keep a certain amount of gold, excluding inherited gold jewellery. Married women can keep up to 500g, unmarried women can keep 250g, and male family members can keep 100g.

Factors Affecting the Today Gold Price in Lucknow

The price of gold in Lucknow is affected by several factors, some of which are:

  • Global market trends: Global market trends significantly impact gold prices. If gold is in high demand worldwide, the gold price in Lucknow will also rise. 
  • Gold is in high demand in Lucknow and other parts of India for cultural and religious reasons. Therefore, if the supply of gold is limited, the price will rise. 
  • Currency exchange rates: Currency exchange rates influence the price of gold. The price of gold will rise if the Indian rupee falls in value against other currencies. 

What is the Difference between KDM and Hallmarked Gold in Lucknow?

KDM (Karatmeter Detection) and hallmarked gold are two terminologies commonly used in the Lucknow gold market. KDM gold is a form of gold combined with cadmium to make it more durable. A Karatmeter is used to measure the purity of the gold during the mixing process. KDM gold is less expensive than hallmarked gold, although it is less pure.

On the other hand, hallmarked gold has had its purity recognised by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Hallmarked gold is more expensive than KDM gold but is considered more trustworthy and reputable.

Impact of GST on Gold Rate in Lucknow

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a value-added tax imposed in India in 2017. The GST on gold is now fixed at 3%, which is lower than the previous tax structure. However, the implementation of GST has had a mixed influence on the gold rate in Lucknow. While it has reduced the cost of gold in some circumstances, it has also raised the administrative and regulatory procedures for jewellers, resulting in a rise in making expenses.

How can Interest Rates Affect Gold Prices in Lucknow?

Interest rates are inversely related to the price of gold. When interest rates are low, demand for gold rises as it becomes a more appealing investment alternative. Investors prefer safe-haven assets that generate higher returns than low-yielding fixed-income products. However, when interest rates are high, gold demand falls because investors choose fixed-income investments over gold.

Latest News on Gold Rate in Lucknow

[25 April 2023] - Gold Rates in Lucknow maintain a constant rate

As of April 25, 2023, the gold rate in Lucknow is Rs.61,915 for 10g of 24k Gold. The price of gold in Lucknow has been reasonably constant in recent weeks due to a lack of significant worldwide market developments. However, the price of gold is predicted to climb soon due to the weakening of the Indian rupee and the anticipated rise in inflation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should Lucknow investors buy gold?

Gold is considered a safe-haven asset and a hedge against inflation. In addition, it can provide a sense of financial security during uncertain times and can be used as a diversification tool in an investment portfolio.

What are the different choices in buying gold in Lucknow?

There are various options for buying gold in Lucknow, such as gold jewellery, coins, and bars. In addition, investors can purchase gold from local jewellers, banks, or online platforms.

How to track gold rates in Lucknow today?

Investors can track gold rates in Lucknow today by checking online platforms, financial news channels or by subscribing to SMS alerts.

Where to buy gold in Lucknow?

Gold can be bought in Lucknow from local jewellers, banks, and online platforms. Some popular jewellers in Lucknow are Tanishq, Kalyan Jewellers, and PC Jewellers.

How can I check the ongoing gold rates in Lucknow?

Ongoing gold rates in Lucknow can be checked through various platforms such as financial news channels, online platforms, and by subscribing to SMS alerts.

Will I have to pay GST while buying gold in Lucknow?

Yes, GST is applicable on gold purchases in Lucknow. The current GST rate on gold is 3%.

Why should I check the daily gold rates in Lucknow?

Checking daily gold rates in Lucknow can help investors make an informed decision while buying or selling gold. It can also help keep track of market trends and fluctuations in gold prices.

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