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Gold Rate in Bhubaneswar

Like any other city in India, gold prices in Bhubaneswar are impacted by various factors, such as worldwide trends, currency changes, demand and supply, and government policies. Therefore, the price of gold in Bhubaneswar fluctuates daily and is determined by market factors. Gold is a popular investment option in Bhubaneswar, and investors can choose from gold jewellery, coins, and bars. To make an informed selection, staying up to date with the latest gold rates in Bhubaneswar is critical.


Today MCX gold price in rupees per 10 grams.
(10 grams = 1 tola gold)

  • 22 Carat Gold
  • 55,200(10 gram)
  • 24 Carat Gold
  • 60,220(10 gram)

22 Carat & 24 Carat Compare Gold Rate In Bhubaneswar (Today & Yesterday)

Gold Rate 22 Carat Gold Rate 24 Carat
Today55,200  60,220  

Today 24 Carat Gold Price per gram in Bhubaneswar (INR)

GramGold Rate Yesterday 24k Gold Rate Today 24k Daily Price Change
1 Gram Gold Rate6,0656,022-43
8 Gram Gold Rate48,52048,176-344
10 Gram Gold Rate60,65060,220-430
100 Gram Gold Rate6,06,5006,02,200-4,300

Today 22 Carat Gold Price per gram in Bhubaneswar (INR)

GramGold Rate Yesterday 22k Gold Rate Today 22k Daily Price Change
1 Gram Gold Rate5,5605,520-40
8 Gram Gold Rate44,48044,160-320
10 Gram Gold Rate55,60055,200-400
100 Gram Gold Rate5,56,0005,52,000-4,000

Today Gold Rate of Metro Cities in India

CityGold Rate 22k Gold Rate 24k

Today Gold Rate in Bhubaneswar - An Overview

Gold has always been a popular investment option in India, and Bhubaneswar is no exception. Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha, is home to many gold investors. If you want to buy gold jewellery or coins, you should know the current gold prices in Bhubaneswar. 

The gold price in Bhubaneswar today is affected by several factors, including worldwide market trends, currency exchange rates, and local demand. In addition, the price of gold is updated regularly and can fluctuate daily. Therefore, verifying the current gold rate in Bhubaneswar is critical before making any investment decisions.

How is the Purity of Gold Determined?

Before investing in gold, it is critical to understand how the purity of gold is determined. The purity of gold is measured in karats, which relate to the percentage of pure gold in a certain piece of gold jewellery or gold currency. For example, 24-karat gold is considered pure gold, whereas 22-karat gold is 91.67% pure. 

Most gold jewellery in India is made of 22-karat gold. However, you can also purchase 18-carat or 14-karat gold jewellery. It is vital to know that the lower the karat, the lower the purity of the gold, which can reduce the resale value of the gold jewellery. 

When purchasing gold jewellery or coins in Bhubaneswar, check for a hallmark, a sign or stamp that verifies the purity of the gold. The hallmark should feature the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) emblem, the fineness (karat) of the gold, and the assaying centre's logo. This assures that the gold you are purchasing is of the advertised purity.

How You Can Make Gold as an Investment in Bhubaneswar

There are several ways to invest in gold in Bhubaneswar, including buying gold jewellery and gold coins or investing in gold ETFs (exchange-traded funds). Here are some options to consider:

  • Gold Jewellery - Purchasing gold jewellery is one of the most prevalent ways to invest in gold in Bhubaneswar. While gold jewellery is frequently purchased for its aesthetic value, it can also be an excellent investment. Therefore, when purchasing gold jewellery for investment purposes, it is critical to consider the purity of the gold and the weight of the piece.
  • Gold Coins - Another popular method for investing in gold in Bhubaneswar is gold coins. Gold coins come in various denominations and can be easily bought and sold. To ensure the purity of gold coins, opt for those the government or a trustworthy body has validated.
  • Gold ETFs - If you want a more convenient way to invest in gold, consider gold ETFs. These exchange-traded funds invest in gold bullion and track the price of gold. In addition, gold ETFs are traded on the stock exchange, making them a more liquid and accessible investment option.

Things to Know Before Buying Gold Jewelry in Bhubaneswar

Buying gold jewellery can be a big investment, so it is important to research and understand what you are buying. Here are some things to keep in mind when buying gold jewellery in Bhubaneswar:

  • Gold Purity - Gold purity is measured in karats, as previously stated. Therefore, when purchasing gold jewellery, it is critical to check for a hallmark that confirms the purity of the gold. The higher the karat, the purer the gold.
  • Making Charges - Making charges are the costs of creating gold jewellery. This includes the cost of labour and any additional materials used to construct the jewellery. It is critical to understand the making costs because they can alter the ultimate price of the jewellery. Some jewellers may offer lower making charges, but it is critical to guarantee that the purity of the gold is not affected in the process. 
  • Certification - When purchasing gold jewellery, search for a certification that certifies the jewellery's authenticity. This certification verifies that your gold jewellery is of declared purity and quality. 
  • Design and Style - Gold jewellery comes in various designs and styles. When purchasing gold jewellery, selecting a design that you enjoy and complements your style is critical. However, remember that more complicated designs may incur greater production costs. 
  • Buyback Policy - Before purchasing gold jewellery, it is critical to understand the jeweller's buyback policy. A solid repurchase policy can ensure a fair price for your gold jewellery if you decide to sell it.

Factors Affecting the Today's Gold Price in Bhubaneswar

The price of gold is affected by several factors, including global market trends, currency exchange rates, and local demand. Here are some of the factors that can affect today's gold price in Bhubaneswar:

  • Worldwide Market Trends - The price of gold is significantly impacted by worldwide market trends. Geopolitical events, economic data, and inflation can all impact gold prices. For example, if there is an increase in demand for gold owing to economic instability, the price of gold may rise. 
  • Currency Exchange Rates - Currency exchange rates impact the price of gold. When the value of the Indian rupee falls to other currencies, the price of gold may rise because it becomes more expensive to import gold. 
  • Local Demand - The price of gold in Bhubaneswar is also affected by local demand. The price of gold may rise when there is a great demand for gold, such as during festival seasons or weddings. 
  • Gold Reserves - The supply of gold can also influence the price of gold. When gold reserves are depleted, the price of gold rises.

What is the Difference between KDM and Hallmarked Gold in Bhubaneswar

KDM and hallmarked gold are two different types of jewellery you may come across in Bhubaneswar. Here is the difference between KDM and hallmarked gold:

  • KDM Gold - KDM stands for "Karat (K) De-Milano." This is a type of gold jewellery that is manufactured with cadmium-containing solder. Cadmium is added to gold to make it more pliable and simpler. However, KDM gold is not as pure as hallmarked gold since it contains other metals besides gold. 
  • Hallmarked Gold - Hallmarked gold is certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). This certification verifies that the gold is of the indicated purity and quality. Hallmarked gold bears the BIS logo and a hallmark that shows the purity of the gold. 

It is important to note that KDM gold is not as popular as hallmarked gold as it is considered lower purity. Therefore, when buying gold jewellery in Bhubaneswar, it is important to look for hallmarked gold to ensure the purity and quality of the gold.

Impact of GST on Gold Rate in Bhubaneswar

The advent of GST (Goods and Services Tax) in 2017 considerably impacted the gold rate in Bhubaneswar. GST is a value-added tax that replaced several indirect taxes, including VAT, service tax, and excise duty. The gold GST is currently fixed at 3%. 

The installation of GST on gold has a short-term impact on the gold rate in Bhubaneswar. This is because the price of gold first rose due to a misunderstanding of the new tax system. However, after time, the gold rate in Bhubaneswar stabilised and is presently mostly unaffected by the GST.

One advantage of the gold tax is that it has made gold pricing more transparent. Previously, jewellers charged several taxes, making it impossible for customers to comprehend the ultimate price of gold jewellery. With the adoption of GST, the pricing of gold jewellery has become easier.

How can Interest Rates Affect Gold Prices in Bhubaneswar?

Interest rates can also influence the price of gold in Bhubaneswar. When interest rates are low, the opportunity cost of owning gold falls. This means that investors may be more motivated to hold gold as it becomes a more appealing investment option.

When interest rates are high, the opportunity cost of owning gold rises. This means that investors may be more motivated to hold alternative investments, such as bonds or stocks, that offer a better rate of return. 

The relationship between interest rates and gold prices is complicated, and it is crucial to recognise that other factors, such as inflation and currency exchange rates, can also influence the price of gold.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should Bhubaneswar investors buy gold?

Gold is considered a safe-haven investment and can act as a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty. 

What are the different choices in buying gold in Bhubaneswar?

Gold jewellery, gold coins, and gold bars are the different choices Bhubaneswar makes for buying gold.

How to track gold rates in Bhubaneswar today?

You can track gold rates in Bhubaneswar today through various online platforms and mobile applications that provide real-time updates.

Where to buy gold in Bhubaneswar?

You can buy gold from various reputable jewellers and gold dealers in Bhubaneswar.

How can I check the ongoing gold rates in Bhubaneswar?

You can check the ongoing gold rates in Bhubaneswar through various online platforms, mobile applications, or by visiting the jeweller’s shop.

Will I have to pay GST while buying gold in Bhubaneswar?

GST applies to gold purchases in Bhubaneswar and is currently set at 3%.

Why should I check the daily gold rates in Bhubaneswar?

Checking the daily gold rates in Bhubaneswar can help you make an informed decision while buying or selling gold and can also help you track the performance of your gold investments.